Webcomic Wednesdays: Sticky Dilly Buns

Dillon, the once roommate of Gary from Ménage à 3 has been through some rough patches.  First, Matt, his boyfriend, cheated on him; when he sought comfort from his secret crush, Gary, he realized his old roommate is undeniably straight.  But now things are looking up.  He has steady acting work, a cool roommate, former porn-star Amber, and a hunky new neighbor, Jerzy.  Life couldn’t get any better.

Dillon and Amber, together at last
Dillon and Amber, together at last

Enter Ruby, uptight sister of Amber, focused solely on job-hunting.  Ruby claims she has no need of men, a challenge Dillon readily accepts.  Getting a boyfriend for Ruby shouldn’t be too hard, so long as he can take Jerzy along for the ride.  A ride that comes to a swift crash when Angel, Jerzy’s ex, decides to pursue his old boyfriend.  Only to find herself falling in love with Richie, the owner of the pet store she works at.  Dillon finds himself in a complicated love triangle, with poor Ruby swept up in all the drama, and Amber enjoying all the fun.

This particular incarnation of the Ma3 universe is co-written by Gisèle Lagacé and María Victoria “Shouri” Robado; both ladies also share penciling and inking duties.  The style follows the same format as its sister comics:  a four-panel layout in black and white, with gray toning.  The similarities to the Archie comics are more strongly depicted, but add to the fun overall.

Angel learns of a new rival.
Angel learns of a new rival.

While similar in style to all the other Pixie Trix creations, there is a new addition here:  a genderfluid character.  Angel, Jerzy’s ex, is cis-female, meaning biologically a female, dresses as either a man or woman, depending on how he/she feels being today.  The Pixie Trix team has always shown respect for the LGBTQ community in keeping the reading and humor fun but not derogatory.  Including a genderfluid character sheds light on the different aspects of both sexuality and gender identity.

With new takes on old characters and more faces besides, Stick Dilly Buns is a wonderful romp that’s only getting started.  You can view it at StickyDillyBuns.com.

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