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In the Federated Alliance Fleet, Navigators and Fighters are trained to act as a unit within a fighter ship, fighting off enemy ships in deep space.  A newly assigned team, code names “Cain” and “Able”, get off on the wrong foot… as in Cain violently kissing Able, leaving a very prominent scar, followed by some very rough sex.  At first reluctant, Able finds he enjoys the relationship, despite the forbidden copulation between two Alliance members, not to mention the social taboo of Navigators and Fighters mixing company.  Besides, they’re the best team on the Sleipnir, so it’s not a matter of slacking off.  However, it turns out Cain is on a secret mission from the commander, and it somehow involves Able.  But as the end of the mission comes ever closer, Cain’s doubts and attachments to Able begin clashing with his goal.  And when in deep space against a powerful enemy, having doubts about your partner is never a good thing.

Written by HamletMachine, Starfighter is a Not-Safe-For-Work comic that titillates the reader.  Set in space with all characters stuck inside a ship, there is plenty of tension, sexual and mental, to keep the drama going.  Besides the main duo, there are plenty of supporting characters, each with their own agenda.  Some are looking for the ultimate thrill, others want to protect the people on Earth, and a few are just looking to survive.  Like most yaoi-type works, the plot itself is not central to the story, though there is enough to serve as a backdrop, but the focus is on character interaction, particularly between the Navigator and Fighter sections.

Cain and Able, the two main characters
Cain and Able, the two main characters

HamletMachine is the artist as well; despite having little to no color, the graphics are wonderful and masterfully drawn.  Using a simple monochrome color scheme, stark contrasts are shown between the Navigators and Fighters, with the former being light and the latter dark.  This does not mean strict white or black, but rather the light and shading used.  Several Navigators and Fighters are dark in skin color, similar to Africans or Latinos, but in the overall design, from hair to eyes to uniform, Navigators are lighter in tone, while Fighters are darker with heavier line emphasis, a subtle reinforcement of the unspoken classism inherent among the factions, despite the supposed equality as members of a military force.  Some color is present, such as personal touches on Cain and Able or the spilt blood in battle, a nice touch supplementing the overall look beautifully.

Coming to the aid of a wounded comrade
Coming to the aid of a wounded comrade

As evident by the first scenes, Starfighter is a sex-heavy comic, with explicit violence thrown in for good measure.  Also in the Starfighter universe, ninety-nine percent of the characters are male, with only a few women shown now and again, far from the vicinity of the men.  While not deeply explored, women are the apparent heads of the Alliance, with interesting powers to boot.  However, there is no interaction between the genders.

For fans of the yaoi, shounen, or male/male genre, Starfighter is a prime combination of all three.  Read the continuing story at Starfightercomic.com.

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