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In the Mènáge a 3 universe, Sandra is an ordinary young woman, working a waitressing job in Montreal, dreaming of finding a guy.  Until she wakes up on a Brazilian beach after a drunken jaunt, next to jet-setter supermodel Senna.  Stranded in paradise with no reais to her name, Sandra becomes Senna’s reluctant assistant.  This leads to being discovered as a model herself, flying to Paris for training, and becoming an internet hit when she defends the rights of female gamers while modeling as a character at a convention panel.  Not bad for her first week on the job.

The joys of assisting a model
The joys of assisting a model

Sandra’s adventures in Paris are just beginning, from learning the ropes of modeling from her mentor Zoé, avoiding torture from her manager Tatiana, exploring the geeky side of character modeling with new friends Marie and Alex, and enjoying the company of Pierre, the cute baker across the street.  Between dodging envious rivals, amorous fans, and angry geeks who hate girl gamers, Sandra’s days are never dull, especially when in Paris.

Although Sandra on the Rocks falls under the Ma3 universe, with writing by David Lumsdon, the art is drawn by Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar, author of webcomic No Pink Ponies.  His work is less angular than Mènáge a 3, and while Ma3 has a more stark contrast between black and white, Sandra has a softer look, with light shades of purple, instead of simply black, white, and grayscale.  This adds a dreamy quality to the art, appropriate as Sandra is living a fantasy life (or so everyone thinks).


The perils of Parisian modeling
The perils of Parisian modeling

While not officially NSFW, Sandra on the Rocks does have some instances of partial nudity, non-workplace appropriate clothing (unless you’re in the fashion business), and adult humor.  As in all Pixie Trix works, there are several LGBTQ characters, who are equals to the other characters, not as stereotypes.  Similar to Lumsdon’s other writing projects, the comic is a cross between sitcom and soap opera, with multiple storylines converging, diverging, and looping back for more, and characters ranging from nerdy gamers to chic glitterati jumping into crazy hijinks (usually against their will).  The humor is fast at times, but always balanced, with everyone getting a turn at the hot seat.

Sandra on the Rocks was created in 2011, and after five years isn’t slowing down.  You can read the comic at SandraontheRocks.

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