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Once upon a time, a young boy wished he had a friend.  And he got one:  a human-sized, wise-cracking, smart aleck rat named Plague.  The boy, Oops, is thrilled…until he realizes the magic that brought Plague into being took something away, namely his voice.  With only an ancient medallion from his long-lost family, Oops and Plague journey to the Baldie Mountains to find answers.  Along the way they meet Talon (Talon is a girl) and her brother Cass (Cass is a gryphon), who join them in their quest.  But Lord Hectric Tepper, the dark king, has a use for Oops.  With a knight on their heels, Oops and Plague must uncover the truth about Oops’ family and the medallion he bears.

Oops and Plague
Oops and Plague


Created by Cyndi Foster and Jeramy Hobz, Oops Comic Adventure is an all-ages story that has something for everyone.  Although the tone is light in keeping with the family friendly status, the comic pulls off mature topics, including loneliness and fending off evil forces.  While little is known about Oops’ magical abilities, the magic occurs when he experiences emotional duress.  Combined with puberty and running from bad guys, this is relatable for children who often experience loss and anxiety when they cannot understand their reactions and society’s demands.  The addition of Talon, a girl who is confident in all she does but caring for her loved ones, is a good role model for both girls and boys, subverting gender roles.  Taking away Oops’ voice is an innovative theme, showing how children can feel lonely and unheard.  The art can is cartoony, with exaggerated features, suitable for a comic geared towards children.  The simple shapes and forms allow children to relate to the fantasy element better, versus the complex and detailed art and story found in adult graphic novels.  The first five issues are black and white, the color beginning in Issue Six.  Each issue cover features a guest artist with their take on Oops and company.

Oops and Plague meet Talon and Cass
Oops and Plague meet Talon and Cass

Art- and story-wise, the comic does not break new ground.  But creating a comic that encourages children to read does not have to be pioneering.  Balancing relatability with topics that take children seriously is a tough position.  And the creators of Oops do just that, crafting a comic that allows children to experience good literature in a safe place at their own level.

Begun in 2013, Oops Comic Adventure is a family-friendly story about a boy and his rat fighting evil.  Read it at OopsComicAdventure.com.

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