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Supposedly, there’s a place where no snow falls and the undead are nonexistent, a place called Haven.  For Modra, who has never been outside the safety of his military zone, finding such a place would be the stuff of dreams.

Trying to forget his past life, Modra joins his friend Benny in traveling through the wilderness.  When seeking shelter one night, they happen upon three travelers:  Jenn, her brother Wight, and their friend Cotton.  All five agree to share the shelter and part ways in the morning, but then the military pulls a surprise raid.  Now entangled with the fugitives, Modra and Benny join them, on the run from the mysterious Crow.  And life is hard enough as it is when traversing an eternal winter with zombie hordes around the corner.  But maybe, just maybe, Haven is real.

Benny, Modra, Jenn, Wight, and Cotton

Co-creators Erli and Kromi have written a group of characters who could be living in our day and society, grappling with family ties, friendship, and love, but instead are trying to survive in a world where the dead walk the Earth.  The characters are not one-dimensional, niche team members but written as individuals who happen to band together and learn to mesh their personalities and skills.  Some have skills that overlap, and others bring special talents that enhance the overall group.  Diversity is also present, both in race and sexual orientation, but nothing to the point of tokenism.  They written as people who are trying to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

Despite the zombie-genre, there is little exaggeration in character design, including the undead.  Unlike some media, where the zombies are stylized and perfectly made-up, these living dead are simply paler, decayed versions of humans.  Some might be missing a limb or two, but no excessive guts, gore, or weird costumes.  Due to the constant winter conditions, most color is found on the characters, in clothing, hair, and accessories.  The landscape is continually bleak, a harsh reminder to the humans to stay on alert.

An undead, the last “survivor”

What marks No End different from other zombie media is there is less focus on day-to-day survival.  Unlike early zombie-post-apocalypse stories, current adaptations of the genre focus on how survivors reformed society, showing that even an Armageddon-level catastrophe doesn’t change basic human behavior.  There is still segregation between the have and have-nots, and those who believe in imposing their sense of law and order onto others.  Also, much of the action concerning the undead occurs off-screen or is implied.  For the characters, preparing against the undead is merely another factor of living, a normal activity.

No End is not your typical zombie comic.  Updated on Sundays and Wednesdays, you can read it at NoEndcomic.com.

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