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Santa Astra, a city where anything can happen… and does, thanks to the Muses.  Muses are the ones who inspire the physical plane, from music to art to writing.  But if you’re not a Muse, what do you do?  For Mona, it means working shifts at The Lageryard, a local pub where non-Muses gather.  A Notion, Mona works day in and day out, wondering what else is there to life.  She gets her chance to ask when Esteban, a writing muse, wanders in.  Working up the courage, Mona asks if he’ll help her find what she’s good at.  Not only does Esteban agree, he enlists the help of his friends—Bea, Addy, and Sam.  And so Mona begins an adventure of finding out who she is and what is possible.  But as her new-found friends creep closer to Ascension and her old friends begin questioning her choices, Mona feels torn between two worlds:  the worlds of creative Muses and the normal Notions.

(L to R) Esteban, Sam, Bea, Addy, and Mona
(L to R) Esteban, Sam, Bea, Addy, and Mona

Begun in 2012, The Muse Mentor is a charming comic about a young woman learning what she is capable of.  Written and drawn by Amy King, the characters are personified thoughts living in an alternate version of San Francisco.  While everyone is ostensibly equal, Notions are viewed as second-class citizens with nothing to offer, intended for manual labor and service jobs.  Muses are the true intellects, bound for greatness.  All Muses strive for Ascension, advancing to the Spiritual Plane, where no one has ever returned from.  The unique perspective of exploring the philosophy and science behind the thought process and personality development shows with the different characters and their reaction to Mona’s attempts.

Mona arguing with Ashley, a fellow Notion
Mona arguing with Ashley, a fellow Notion

Despite the fantasy genre, King’s art is more centered on realism.  While many artists will use the same body for all characters, merely using differing features (hair, eyes, etc.) for each character, King individualizes her characters, even those in the background, with physiques of all combinations.  Her lines are thin and coloring is natural, following the realism emphasis.  The only indication of a fantasy realm are the strange planets, moons, and stars constantly present in the sky, adding just a touch of whimsy to the otherwise ordinary realm.

King has recently announced she will end the comic soon.  Read the comic at TheMuseMentor.com to see the result of Mona’s adventures.

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