Webcomic Wednesdays: Lilith’s Word

There is a legend that says the universe is incomplete.  Only the last Goddess can do so, by saying the word that will bring reality to its finished creation.  And then she will die.

Lilith and her brother have traveled for many years, searching across different realms for a sign their journey is over.  One such visit lands them in an abbey where the people fight creatures of pure energy to protect the cities.  There, Lilith meets Degue, a believer in the old myths, and of Lilith the last Goddess.  Lilith and her brother must find her last word, the one she will use to finish creation.  But there’s a mystery in the forest, one that might be connected to a secret from Lilith’s past.

Lilith revealed

Created by Sirpangur, Lilith’s Word is a fantasy comic about a young woman who knows her purpose but isn’t sure how to use it.  Despite the fantasy, magic hardly used, usually in Lilith’s brother teleporting them to another world.  The characters are self-reliant and interdependent on each other, not their power, differing from the usual stories where a wizard, god, or magical creature uses magic constantly to do ordinary things, though she does float now and again.  The soldiers and scientists within the abbey reflect realism as well, using technology and weapons only as it fits within their lives, rather than brandishing guns at strangers or using bizarre computer codes to do a simple task.  This does not make Lilith a pacifist; she is still impulsive and hot-headed, often to the annoyance of her brother.  Her brother, an unnamed character, add mystery to the story, as his face is never shown, sometimes in comedic fashion as an object will suddenly appear in the panel, conveniently blocking him.

Brother’s face conveniently blocked

Unlike other comics where gods are represented in bizarre or ethereal form, Lilith and her brother are normal in all appearances, with the exception of her eyes, although that is hidden from non-believers.  Despite their power, the two gods are in the form of ordinary young adults, belying the strength they hold.  The world elements are a mixed bag of modern and antiquity, shown especially by the scientists and soldiers taking refuge in an abbey, where habit-wearing nuns still live and work; the same for the people inhabiting the abbey, who range from studious academics to bruised warriors.  Despite the differing elements, they blend well together, showing a community created from necessity.

Lilith’s Word is a comic about a young woman on a journey and the trials she must face.  Read it at Lilithword.com.

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