Webcomic Wednesdays: Jailbird

There was once a little creature stuck in a cell, far below the ground.  One day, a bird visited the creature, bearing a mysterious post card.  Finding the courage, the creature tunneled out of the lonely prison cell and entered a strange world known as Hahna.  A living planet born from a seed husk, Hahna is slowly dying and her people are dealing with the encroaching deserts.  Given a name and a magical cape by Avian witches, Jailbird sets off on a journey to find the Temple of Daisies with friends Duck and Julep, with help from Canary, a once-witch turned bird, with a strange connection to Jailbird.  It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and the end result is that Hahna will live.

Jailbird’s first glimpse at Hahna

Created by Leigh Davis, Jailbird is an adventure comic about self-discovery and family.  When Jailbird first tunnels out of the underground cell, their only form of communication is odd chirps, shown in emoji-like pictures.  As such, the first chapters are action-oriented; as Jailbird learns to speak and then joins Duck on the journey to find the Temple, dialogue joins the action.  While there is a backstory of Hahna and the Temple of Daisies, exposition is kept simple, with details staggered so the reader is not overwhelmed.

Duck introduces Jailbird to some of Hanha’s animals

The art starts out black and white inks, graduating to full color in the fifth chapter.  In keeping with the story, characters and backgrounds are simple in design, adding a child-like element to even the scariest situations.  Although the colors are at full saturation, similar to an old-school arcade video-game, Jailbird is kept mainly monochromatic, highlighting the contrast between what other characters see as ordinary and what Jailbird sees as new.  As Hahna is inhabited by bug- and bird-like creatures, the designs are fanciful in nature, a world where strange is quite normal.

A kid-friendly story about a little bird on a big journey, Jailbird updates twice a week at An.OddLookingBird.com.

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