Webcomic Wednesdays: Headless Bliss

Have you ever wondered what happens to stories?  Perhaps you thought they disappeared.  Well, not quite.

One day, Annùn is kicked out of class for doodling, discovers a portal, and goes on an adventure where she meets Sinaj, an abandoned story.  Annùn invites Sinaj to stay with her, which allows Sinaj to explore Annùn’s collection of books.  However Lady Diov, Queen of Demons and mother of Annùn, isn’t too pleased to have her daughter socializing with a worthless story.  And while Sinaj is grateful for Annùn’s friendship, she still longs to find the ending to her story.  Caught between her mother and her friend, Annùn is unsure where her loyalties lie, and what that entails for her future.

Annùn and Sinaj at the end of their first adventure.

Created by Chloé C., author of Go Get a Roomie!, Headless Bliss is a comic about a little demon girl who has to make some very grown-up decisions.  When Annùn is first introduced, she is like any typical girl, excepting the demon part.  She is just trying to please her parents, but the outside world intervenes.  In meeting Sinaj, she begins to question the rules and laws of the demon world, but mostly the role of her mother, Lady Diov.  While serious and dramatic, the writing includes humor as well, deftly blended with the blood and gore.  Annùn is a bright and cheerful foil to Diov’s darkness, happy in her innocence, but well-aware of her mother’s powers and the danger of angering the queen.  Sinaj is equal parts grit and gloom, determined to find her story but enjoying her time with Annùn, even if it makes her sad.  The friendship and blooming emotions between them are quite moving, awkward and angry moments included.

Chloé C.’s artwork is similar to earlier versions of Go Get a Roomie!, where scenes imitated pastel or watercolor drawings.  This form of coloring and drawing, with wispy lines and shading, adds to the dream-like (or rather nightmare-like) countenance of the comic.  While most demons are drawn in a similar style, matching the terrain colors of black, white, and brown, Annùn has bright colors with vibrant shading and lines, so she is constantly different from her surroundings and fellow demons.  Though less colorful, Sinaj stands out as the only human-like creature amongst the surreal demons.  In contrast to the other characters, Sinaj is often moving, usually in an action sequence, giving Chloé C. the chance to demonstrate her kinetic drawing skills.  Lady Diov is drawn as a flowing creature, a living cloak that can take any shape and fill any room, adding a subtle creepiness to an already eerie character.

Sinaj meets Lady Diov in all her glory.

Though a fun comic, there is a large amount of violence and gore, along with cannibalism, as well as depictions of domestic abuse.  Like GGaR, this comic is Not Safe For Work.

Debuting in 2014, Headless Bliss is a funny yet bloody comic about a demon girl and her friend.  It updates Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you can read it at HeadlessBliss.com.

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