Webcomic Wednesdays: Daughter of the Lilies

Orrig, Brent, and Lyra are mercenaries, taking care of local monsters in the area.  They find themselves in need of a mage, so hire Thistle, a mysterious young woman who is hides her face.  Despite the eccentricities, she is a capable mage and healer, and the trio is glad to have her.  But Thistle’s layers are covering a secret, which she has kept her entire life.  And when a Drath gets loose in town, it seems to know a lot about Thistle, much more than an evil spirit should.

Brent, Thistle, Orrig, and Lyra, on the job

Created by Meg Syverud, Daughter of the Lilies is written in the tradition of The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, a fantasy-adventure story with themes of faith.  Syverud creates a world where Orcs, Humans, and Elves live in peace and magic is an everyday occurrence.  The world is a mixture of medieval European and feudal-era Asian, essentially a town with limited technology, relying more on magic and physical labor, which allows the characters to display their magic and fighting abilities well.  The action is well-paced, showing different view-points and multiple movements within panels, avoiding static situations.  The female characters also have equal abilities to the males; there are no damsels in distress here.

An example of the Draths

Syverud is the artist, with help from Jessica “Yoko” Weaver, the colorist.  Despite the fantasy setting, the art is in keeping with natural scale and anatomy; there is very little exaggeration in body proportions.  The characters are kept within natural coloring, so while an orc is green, it’s in a subdued shade, nothing cartoonish.  Different races among the humans populate the area, so there is diversity in all forms.  Also, the differences used in showing this world’s version of Hell is done in a wonderful comparison, using penciled shadows, showing the twisted nature.

There are overt references to Judeo-Christian themes, both in depiction and world mythology.  However, it can be read as an action story with a moral, similar to other high-fantasy media with like subjects.  Even with these subjects, Syverud does not hold back in her writing, with mature scenes that involve blood, gore, and cannibalism.

Daughter of the Lilies updates every week.  Read the comic at DaughteroftheLilies.com.

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