Webcomic Wednesdays: Call of the Sentinel

Reggie prefers living alone, enjoying his solitude in his house under a hill.  Being a gumpawump, he can shapeshift at will, so he is never in need of help.  But one day, a young leolop bursts in on his quiet life.  Emily, a budding cartographer, is exploring the area when she happens upon Reggie’s hill.  Although the gumpawump isn’t too thrilled about company, as the young visitor continually shows up, Reggie begins feeling a change, one that may lead to new and exciting adventures.

Reggie (L) and Emily (R) discuss shapeshifting

Call of the Sentinel is an enjoyable story about two characters exploring their friendship.  Though light on action, the adventures of Reggie and Emily are plentiful, from exploring caves to discovering new powers.  Reggie is the narrator, detailing his meticulous existence, until the brash Emily disrupts his life.  Emily is a child-like character, full of enthusiasm and prone to screaming her delight, but is also empathetic enough to know when a fellow character is feeling scared or lonely.  The style of the art and story is reminiscent of the Serendipity book series, where fantastical creatures lived and played in a magical world.  While serious themes might be introduced, such as fear or fighting, the stories and situations are always mild, focusing on the positive.

Reggie and Emily visiting the beach

Kaeti Vandorn, the writer and illustrator, creates a soft world filled with nature.  The backgrounds are beautiful, reflecting the pastoral seaside location of Reggie’s house.  Most of the colors fall along the cool spectrum of blues, greys, and dark greens, reflecting the cave-like interior of the underground house and the natural grasslands outside that usually see rain.  The characters seen so far are two fuzzy creatures.  Emily, a leolop, resembles a rabbit, while Reggie, a gumpawump, is a fuzzy black cyclops.  Both have shapeshifting abilities, although Reggie is more practiced.

Vandorn has stated Call of the Sentinel is a thirteen-part comic about the two character’s adventures.  She is only able to update twice a month, but does so with multiple pages.  Read the comic at CalloftheSentinel.com.

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