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Once upon a time, a race known as the Humans led the galaxy into a golden age.  But at the height of their achievements, they were wiped out by a strange enemy.  Thousands of years later, the Terrans are the last of the descendants, protected by the Three Immortals.  On what seems like a normal day, a passing Lazerian ship is allowed to visit, much to the joy of Spike, one of the ship members.  However, a Torken ship has been following the Lazerians, convinced Spike is connected with the death of their leader.  Meanwhile, a young Terran, Tou, is just trying to pass his final exams, only to find himself pulled into battle between two alien races.  On top of it all, his mother sends a message that the mysterious enemy, the Nilius, might have returned to wipe out humanity once and for all.  Oh, and there’s a robot that’s trying to kill everyone.  With Spike and friends in tow, Tou must prevent an intergalactic war, save his home world, and still pass his classes.  Not much of a normal day after all.

The entire gang meets for the first time
Tou and gang meet Spike

Written and drawn by Tiffany Ciper and edited by Selan Pike, Alien Spike is different in many ways from the usual sci-fi genre.  Artistically, each page is one single panel, broken into smaller sections; unlike in other comics where the sub-panels are of equal size, Ciper draws the sub-panels to fit the action within.  If the characters are on a smooth transition, the panel is symmetrical.  If the characters are dealing with an unstable situation, the panel is erratic in border and shape.  In the first entries, the Terrans (humans) have slightly disproportionate features to their bodies, but in the current panels the anatomy has greater balance.  The aliens, though original, are neither too wild nor weird in design, giving a good balance between relatable and strangeness.  Ciper’s art style is similar to flash-animation, which she uses for both the stationary comic and several animated sequences.  While some, such as the introductory panel, is animation, others are mini-games, where the reader has control of the characters.  Music is included, so speakers should be on when reading.

The robot that wants to kill
The robot

The story is a bit hard to follow at first as the comic is dialogue-heavy, leaving little room for exposition.  The war between the alien species Lazerian and Torkens is revealed through character interaction, as is the history of Terra.  Though descendants of humans, the Terrans are a mix of the scientific (psionics and changelings) and the fantasy (werewolves or lycanthropes), with no current explanation given.  However, if the reader sticks with the story, enough information is revealed to help with understanding.

Alien Spike is a comic about a boy and his alien friend preventing interstellar war.  Read it at AlienSpike.com.

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