Watch the SECRET WARS Live Launch!

Marvel SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and EIC Axel Alonso teamed up today for the official launch of the Secret Wars event in a live press conference at Midtown Comics in New York.

Marvel has teased this event for month, calling today’s press conference “the announcement to end all announcements.”

During the press conference, several major plot points were dropped. The core event will occur in the main Secret Wars title and, as Alonso confirmed, will feature a battle between Marvel’s primary 616 universe and their Ultimate Universe.

“The Ultimate Universe & Marvel Universe – they’re going to smash together.” In Secret Wars #1. The heroes of both universes will have 8 hours to figure out what to do to decide… but they won’t.”

Marvel is also launching an interactive map of Battleworld, which Brevoort described as “the detritus that’s let over after the destruction of the Marvel universe and the Ultimate Universe and it is the melting pot in which the new universe will be created.”

Taken together, the two comments would seem to indicate that neither universe is going to survive. If both universes are destroyed and elements from them are left to fend for themselves on Battleworld, it will certainly be interesting to see which elements from each make their way into the new combined universe and what the final shape of that universe will be.

You can watch the complete press conference below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Josh Epstein

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