Vertigo’s Executive Editor & Senior Vice President Karen Berger to Step Down

Karen BergerIf there is any indication for the love that fans and professionals in the comic book world have for Karen Berger, it is reflected on Twitter where she is currently trending.

DC announced that Karen Berger, Executive Editor & Senior Vice President of DC Entertainment’s Vertigo brand, will be leaving her current position in March of 2013. Berger is known primarily for the works done under her leadership, which include notable titles The Sandman, Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles, Fables, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, and many others.

Berger’s exit has been long rumored throughout the industry in the past year since the launch of the New 52 by DC Comics. Notable Vertigo characters such as John Constantine and Swamp Thing, among others, were moved over to the bigger DC Universe. The recently cancelled Hellblazer title was the longest published title under the Vertigo imprint, and it will be re-launching as a New 52 book. Some industry watchers saw this move by DC as Berger’s control of the Veritgo characters waning and the rumors of her eventual resignation intensified.

Brian Wood, writer of such Vertigo books as DMZ and Northlanders, tweeted “Love Karen Berger, wish her nothing but happiness. Her effect on both my work and the whole industry is impossible to calculate.” Artist Jill Thompson referenced perhaps the most popular Vertigo title when she tweeted “Karen Berger gave me my first DC Comics job on WonderWoman. I’m happy to say I penciled the first Vertigo issue of Sandman.”