Vaughan’s Y THE LAST MAN May Be Coming to FX

Y The Last Man is the series which launched award-winning creator Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, We Stand On Guard, Paper Girls) into the consciousness of comic book fans around the world. With so many comic book properties having been adapted for the silver and small screens, the lack of movement on an adaptation of Y The Last Man has confounded longtime fans. For years, the Vertigo property has been in development hell at New Line Cinema, but it appears that the tide may have turned.

Y The Last Man #1 2002 Vertigo Comics
Y The Last Man #1
Vertigo Comics

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rights for the Y The Last Man intellectual property reverted back to Vaughan after New Line failed to get an adaptation into production, despite multiple attempts. Vaughan is quoted as having been dissatisfied with the studio’s intent to move forward with a standalone two-hour film, which would have required truncation of the story contained within the series’ sixty issues.

Enter FX, which has thus far missed out on the comic book adaptation bonanza which has dominated Hollywood for the past several years. While the series is still in the early phases, having no director attached and still being in need of a writer to adapt it for screen, launching a program based on such a critically acclaimed series possessed of a rabid fan base would give the Fox-owned network the heft to compete with the likes of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Until a timeline is set, fans should remain skeptical, as many a comic book property has been optioned and developed and never seen the light of day. That said, FX’s need to enter this burgeoning market should give fans of Y The Last Man hope that Yorick Brown and Ampersand the monkey hope that their beloved characters will see live action sooner rather than later.

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