UPDATE: Spidey Gets “Superior” With Marvel NOW!


During a retailer breakfast held at New York Comic Con, Dan Slott revealed a few more hints about his upcoming series Superior Spider-Man. Marvel has confirmed for Newsarama.com that Superior Spider-Man and Mary Jane will be getting together and also that the Superior Spider-Man is not Peter Parker.

Let the speculation begin…

Original Story:

Over at USA TODAY’s comic book page, Marvel revealed that last week’s “Superior” teaser was indeed a new Spider-Man series set to launch in January 2013 (not a follow-up to the magnum opus Great Lakes Avengers like this reader had hoped). Superior Spider-Man will be written by Dan Slott, the current Amazing Spider-Man scribe, and will be ending with issue #700 on Dec. 26th. It appears Superior Spider-Man will be dealing with the fallout of the events from that final issue and will be making some very drastic changes. On said changes, Dan Slott stated, “All I know is I’m going into my reinforced bunker when 700 comes out.” The first arc of Superior Spider-Man is titled “Hero or Menace” and will show a much darker Spider-Man than we’ve seen in the recent past. Slott also said, “The one thing that does not go with this Spider-Man is the term ‘Friendly neighborhood.’ No. That’s gone.”

The first three issues will be drawn by Ryan Stegman, with Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli rotating thereafter. Stegman says, “His belt looks a little different, and there’s points at the end of his glove that add a little aggressiveness to his costume.” The alterations to Spidey’s costume will also tie into some new abilities.

“You’ve got to ask yourself, what does ‘Superior Spider-Man’ mean? Does this mean a Spider-Man with a greater power set? Or maybe he’s moving to Michigan. Just set up shop next to Lake Superior,” said Slott. This quote is made all the more interesting since Stephen Wacker, the Amazing Spider-Man editor, has mentioned that the time for a Spider-Man who isn’t Peter Parker may be coming. Check out the “retractable claw” on Spider-Man’s boot below for further speculation.