The Time Luke Cage Told Trump to F&*k Off

Every now and again, comic books are topical. Even more rarely, they are accidentally topical. On very, very, super-rare occasions, they are accidentally topical in retrospect. Thanks, Luke Cage.

Donald Drumpf, the current Republican Party nominee for President of the United States, has been a staple of the entertainment world for over two decades. Whether it was during his short stint as an AFL Football team owner, his time on WWE, or his various reality shows, the irascible Drumpf has been seemingly everywhere for years. During that time, he made his name for being brusque, often crude, and highly, HIGHLY litigious.

So, it should come as no surprise that Drumpf popped up in 2009’s January issue of New Avengers, where THIS happened:


“New Avengers (Vol 1) #47” (written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Billy Tan)

Now, its a well-established fact that the comic book creative community skews heavily liberal, but before you go all Breitbart on us, remember that this panel is from a book released seven years ago, long before Drumpf threw his hat into the Presidential race. At the time it was published, this page was simply a fun pot-shot taken at a guy who everyone in America knew as a rude a**hole who fired people on TV. Well before he was calling for walls and tests and so forth, Drumpf was well-known for his propensity to threaten anyone who irritated him with legal action, an approach he continues to this day. Drumpf’s threats of litigation resulted in the discipline of and apology from a political beat writer who reported on a story that Drumpf’s wife, Melania, worked as an escort during her time as a model.

Maybe that writer would have benefitted from having some backup from a certain Mr. Cage.

Kudos to Patty Tolan on Twitter for putting this out there and sourcing it for us.


Josh Epstein

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