“The Walking Dead #107″—Spoiler Free!

The Walking Dead #107
(w) Robert Kirkman
(a) Charlie Adlard
Image Comics

No, I won’t spoil “Walking Dead #107” for you.

Sorry, but there is no way I am going to reveal the fate of Carl.

Let’s talk about brush strokes here for a minute, and how long in advance Kirkman plots events. Namely, I would like to discuss about where character loyalties lie.

The last scene of the issue makes me second guess about who to trust. Kirkman usually has the group meet some people, and then everyone’s world turns upside down. Well, we’ve met Negan’s people, but there was a group before that, and now I’m wondering what is going to go down when we catch back up with Maggie over in The Hilltop. Because something just doesn’t seem right here.


Oh, Michonne. There are two moments in this issue that you just wonder what is going on in her head. You can begin to see that she is losing confidence and purpose, and it is something that Kirkman seems to have put into the works issues ago. Granted, she was hallucinating when she was first introduced, but now you wonder if that little nugget of her backstory is about to be making a comeback.

There is also a flash from story time past with the bullet making subplot re-emerging. It is one that, quite frankly, I just don’t buy. Guns haven’t been shown to be too effective in this world, especially considering that they are very noisy and can attract unwanted herds of attention. I guess that is why I get Negan’s perspective in regards to living in the new zombie filled world. There weren’t too many guns in his camp, and for some good reasons—he is smarter at adapting to the new world than Rick is. Rick’s group wanting to make more bullets just screams that they are still stuck in the old world.

This is where the broader strokes come into play. Let’s face it, Rick’s group is stuck in a cycle of trying to repeat the past instead of thinking outside of the box and adapting. Next issue is the last issue of the current story arc. While this issue doesn’t feel like a penultimate issue of a story arc, something tells me that revelations in the next issue will really make you think about what happened in this one. Something is coming up, and it feels like something bigger than what readers will probably expect.

What of this issue? What is there to look forward to in this one? Well, you’ve made it to here, so here is a hint or two of just what happens in this issue. Nothing too spoilery, but something that will heighten the anticipation a little.

There is a fight, and Lucille is still around.