The Amazingly Spectacular Superior Spider Week! Featuring Spider-Man!

Marvel has released a mysterious teaser on what’s to come in the Spidey-verse, but with no other information provided besides that it will be Superior Spider week, a week full of Spider-Man themed announcements. The press release may not have provided much information on what news the Spider themed week will bring, but given the teaser image included with the press release, which you can view below, you can come to certain conclusions based on previously released information.


The first of the five images starred Doc Ock fiddling with Spidey’s brain. Can this image mean the beginning of the end of his hold over Peter Parker’s life? One can only assume.

The second image consists of Shocker, Beetle and Whizzer. Can this mean a possible return of Sinister Six?

The middle image has our favorite crazed, symbiotic, red-headed serial killer, Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage. Will Carnage be returning and what does this mean for Spider-Man considering Carnage’s last encounter with Scarlet Spider, where he was pretty much lobotomized by Houston’s newest super-hero.

The fourth image features Spidey in different yet similar attire, with what looks to be art done by Humberto Ramos. Ramos has done a lot of art for Spider-Man over the years, which has seen Spider-Man using different types of costumes as of late. So perhaps this is a new costume design for Doc Ock’s Superior Spider-Man.

The fifth and final image has Spidey with the Avengers, I can’t say for sure whether he’s an ally or an adversary here, but one can only assume this ties into the “Fired” story arc that is coming soon.

Well whatever Marvel has planned for Spider-Man soon, it’s bound to take us all by surprise. I just hope that there is someone left to catch me while I free fall after all is said and done.