Webcomic Wednesdays: Blindsprings

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Blindsprings

Three hundred years ago, the Orphic ruling family of Aberwelle was destroyed, and the Academists took over, ensuring order.  But legend tells of a lost princess, who escaped to the forest and lives there to this day. Tamaura has almost completed her contract when she is abducted by an Academist.  Escaping the restraints, she finds herself in Kirkhall, where her family once ruled.  But much has changed in her absence, as Orphics are now considered…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Empowered

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Empowered

Female superheroes have it bad enough, trying to prove their worth.  But imagine if you’re known as that one superhero female who always ends up needing rescuing.  And ironically, your super-name is Empowered.  Welcome to her life. Empowered should be a powerful heroine in her own right, what with her biologically alive suit that can lend her super agility and doge bullets, but her own self-consciousness get in the way, often leaving her vulnerable to…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Sakana

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Sakana

Jiro Sakana works at the Tsukiji Fish Market at his uncle’s stall with his brother, Taro.  For two years, Jiro has pined over the cute cashier at the next stall over.  And now, he’s finally worked up the nerve to ask her out.  Everything is going according to plan… until his brother, their roommate Taisei, and co-worker Yuudai, decide to tag along.  All Jiro wants is to go on a decent date for once in…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Cucumber Quest

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Cucumber Quest

In Cucumber Quest, Cucumber wants to go study magic, while his sister Almond wants to be a knight.  So when the bunny siblings stop invaders from summoning the legendary Nightmare Knight to save the Donut Kingdom, they follow the plan exactly… until Almond decides having a 500,000 year old demon to fight would be more exciting. With Dreamside in peril, Cucumber, who would rather be studying than adventuring, must travel with his wannabe-knight sister, the…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Stand Still, Stay Silent

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Stand Still, Stay Silent

The Old World has ended.  For ninety years, the Nordic lands (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland) have battled the terrors of the Silent World, keeping the creatures at bay.  But now, a small band of explorers is crossing the boundary, eager to rediscover lost knowledge. Tuuri Hotakainen wants desperately to see the larger world beyond Keuruu, a small settlement in Finland.  When she gets a job offer to be mechanic for a research mission…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Widdershins

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Widdershins

If you’re a resident of West Yorkshire, England, you know better than to visit Widdershins.  It’s a quaint little town, to be sure, but there’s been some strange events recently, so best avoid it.  Especially if you know one of the Barbers. The Barber clan is well -known throughout Widdershins as they always seem to be at the center of magical events, especially Harriett “Harry” Barber, a Hunter of magical items.  By accident, she becomes involved in…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Forever Autumn

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Forever Autumn

For anyone who hates that Halloween only comes once a year, Forever Autumn is a perfect fix.  It’s the story of a witch who meets a vampire, and all hell breaks loose. Alice is an apprentice witch and a klutz, avoided by all members of the Bat Coven.  But finally, her master allows her to buy a bat, whose blood is needed to magic Alice’s broom to fly.  But the bat is really Miki, a…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Astral Aves

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Astral Aves

In the Four Kingdoms of the Diurne, none is more feared than the Black Horn, the Land of Eternal Twilight.  Here, the people enjoy a long-standing relationship with the Nocturne, the ghostly realm lying parallel to the Diurne, something the other three Kingdoms find distasteful and vexing.  Relations between the Four Kingdoms are inimical at best, with the balance between the Diurne and the Nocturne always on edge.  So when Astra the Black (Heir to…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Agents of the Realm

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Agents of the Realm

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and to top it off, you run into a weird bear with horns that seems determined to kill you?  That was Norah’s first day on the job as an Agent of the Realm.  Finding a strange amulet, she becomes endowed with the power of the Void, the leader of the Agents who the gateway hidden within Silvermount, the local mountain that connects the…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Oops Comic Adventure

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Oops Comic Adventure

Once upon a time, a young boy wished he had a friend.  And he got one:  a human-sized, wise-cracking, smart aleck rat named Plague.  The boy, Oops, is thrilled…until he realizes the magic that brought Plague into being took something away, namely his voice.  With only an ancient medallion from his long-lost family, Oops and Plague journey to the Baldie Mountains to find answers.  Along the way they meet Talon (Talon is a girl) and…

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