Supergirl Departs CBS, Moves to The CW for Season Two

Its official folks, a certain Girl of Steel is getting a move from her regular scheduled programming.

DC Comics announced today that Supergirl will be moving from its current home at CBS Television to the Warner Brother’s own DC-rich super-station, The CW. The CW has picked up the show for its second season, alongside it’s current roster of DC Entertainment properties, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow.

There are many possible reasons for the switch, but apart from the obvious reason of bringing all of DCE’s current shows under one roof, Supergirl has dropped almost more than half of its viewers since it’s pilot episode. Starting out with around 13 million viewers for its debut outing, the show dropped to around  6 million viewers by its season finale.

A huge upside for Supergirl moving to The CW is the opportunity for more crossover episodes. Between ArrowThe Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, there is a good chance that there will be more crossover episodes between all four shows. The Supergirl/Flash crossover episode, “Worlds Finest”, raked in around 7 million viewers with each installment, marking a significant boost in ratings for both shows. This is something of a trend for these properties, as similar boosts were snared in the past, the Flash/Arrow crossover episodes.

Still to  be announced is whether or not the show will be moving from its L.A. filming location to Vancouver, B.C., where both Arrow and The Flash are currently filmed. However, it’s more than likely that will be the case, as it may lower episode cost for the show.

Monday is the most likely landing spot for Supergirl, as Friday night tends to be a tough slot for any television show (as fans of Firefly will scream ad nauseum). The CW announced earlier this year that they intend to renew all 11 of their new series, so Supergirl would have to displace either Jane the Virgin or Reign. Reign is the most likely candidate to be shifted, as it occupies Supergirl‘s current 7/8c time slot, and its ratings have been tepid at best. Reign has struggled to crack 1 million viewers per episode consistently, which puts it well behind Supergirl, which has never fallen below 6 million viewers, even at its lowest point. Whether Supergirl can maintain those numbers on a smaller-footprint network like the CW won’t be known until next season, but even a fifty percent fall-off would see it retain numbers far above those of Reign.

The near-completion of a week-long superhero lineup now cements producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti as two of the most powerful people at Warner Brothers, if not Hollywood in general. It is unheard of for a production team to have four shows a week, much less for those shows to form an interconnected continuity. It would surprise very few if the decision is made to add a fifth show, or for a four-night crossover event to be in the offing some time soon.

So, while the budgetary concerns and reported quarrels with Warner Brothers over licensing might have made Supergirl too costly a proposition for CBS, the winners here are the legions of fans who have cried for deeper connectivity between the shows, and have now gotten their wish.


Source: DC Comics