STAFF PICKS: April 2, 2014

Marvel: She Hulk #3
Marvel: She Hulk #3

Hey ya’ll! Are you curious what the Capeless Crusader staff will be reading this fine Wednesday? We’re here to give you a few ideas and when you head to your favorite comic shop make sure you pick up a few of these gems.

Asaph’s Picks:

Moon Knight #2: second issue of the Warren Ellis-written new series.
She-Hulk #3: I’ve liked this new, light-hearted series so far. It’s been focusing on the normal life of Jen Walters more than on her superhero life. I wonder if we’re due for some action soon…
Ultimate Spider-Man #200: a big anniversary issue for USM. Mark Bagley, the original (and longtime) USM artist returns for part of the issue, plus the cover.

Action Comics #30: a new issue of the Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder Series. Last few issues have been quite good.

Jesse’s Picks

Deadpool versus carnage 1
Inhuman #1
Magneto #2
Ultimate Spiderman #200

Josh’s Picks

She-Hulk #3 – I love Jen Walters. I love her. I would be her intern for free.
Caliban #1 – Garth Ennis and sci-fi horror in a dystopian generation starship. Why on Earth would I want to read THAT? 😛
Inhuman #1 – I just can’t help myself.

Alex’s Picks

Black Science #5
Why? WHY!? Duh! Because it’s Black Science and can make more happen in 1 hour of comic book time than all of the episodes of DBZ combined. Plus the writer is really good at leaving you hanging. Seriously good art as well. How about because of everything!? Because ‘Merica!

Lobster Johnson #3
I haven’t even read the thing and I am looking forward to its release. That has to say something about it.

Mai’s Picks

She Hulk #3 It’s my pick too! Something good must be going on with it.
Black Science #5 and Pretty Deadly #5 I read these in for advance reviews and they are both so good that I’m still excited about getting my hands on them.
Aquaman and the Others I love Aquaman! I’m excited about starting a new series series that follows him around.