Staff Picks: April 17, 2014

Sinestro #1
Sinestro #1

Asaph’s Picks:

Batman #30: the Zero Year story arc is almost at an end, with issue #30 being the penultimate chapter. Batman’s first big confrontation with The Riddler seems destined for a dramatic, exciting end.

Batman Eternal #2: the first issue came out last week and had an interesting cliffhanger, with Jim Gordon finding himself on the wrong side of the law. I’m curious to see how this develops.

Sinestro #1: Sinestro has always been one of the more interesting villains of the DC universe. He’s often been so compelling as to make readers root for him, so this new series could be a very interesting one.

Hulk #1: Mark Waid is writing a new #1, centered around a potentially very interesting character, definitely worth a try.

Superior Spider-Man #31: This is the series finale of Dan Slott’s entertaining book (with the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 launching April 30), as we see the final confrontation between the (truly) superior Spider-Man and the Goblin King.

Morning Glories #38: with the plot getting more and more complicated every issue, I do worry about how Nick Spencer will manage to give Morning Glories a proper conclusion (whenever he decides to do so), but for now I’m still enjoying this convoluted, potentially satisfying ride.

Mike’s Picks:

Dark Horse Presents #35 – While I rarely ever know much about what any of the Dark Horse Presents anthologies are about before I buy them, I am always happy with what I get. For just $7.99 I get a slew of great stories from creators that I might not otherwise read.

American Vampire Second Cycle #2 – There are few creative teams that I trust more than Scott Snyder and Raphael Albuquerque. American Vampire is the only vampire book I read and unless proven otherwise, I have no reason to think anyone else could do it this well. The first issue was fantastic. Why would I doubt this would be any different?

Genesis One Shot – Image has been consistently great with the quality of the One Shots that they release. This time around, Marvel veteran Nathan Edmonson (Black Widow, The Punisher) is telling a “trippy journey of creation and destruction” about a guy who can manifest anything that he imagines. This is certainly going to lead to some very bad things, so I’m all aboard this pain train.

Mercenary Sea #3 – Kel Symons and Mathew Reynolds sneaked up on the comic book world and unveiled a hit new series with Mercenary Sea. I fell in love with it a few months back, but despite my bias, I think just about anyone could find something that they like about this book. Like Samurai Jack meets Johnny Quest. Doesn’t that sound awesome? It is!

Stray Bullets: The Killers #2 – If you read the first issue of this series, you know that this is nothing but bad for any of the characters involved in these stories. This is crime / noir with nothing but bleak endings. Basically, a book custom fit for yours truly. I love me a good crime book. Especially when it ends badly.

Alex Smith’s Picks

Batman #30 – We’re all on this crazy origin ride that Snyder has been creating, and now it’s reached the final part. If he ends it anything like his other two big arcs, what a finale it’ll be.

Harley Quinn #5 – The freshest and most unique title DC has put out continues its comedy streak. Hopefully we see more cameos in future issues!

American Vampire Second Cycle #2 – The first issue detailed the return of main characters, so this one promises to bring some action. It’s so nice to have American Vampire back. Look for a review soon!

Ms. Marvel #3 – Although the second issue couldn’t live up to the first, I’m still really excited to see where this progressive series goes. So many possibilities. Not to mention G. Willow Wilson is one of the nicest creators out there.

Winter Soldier Bitter March #3 – This limited series has been so good. Love classic spy thrillers or Captain America history? Don’t miss it. I’ll be putting together a full retrospective after all five issues release, but for now, just enjoy those retro vibes.

Alex Byers’s Pick

Sinestro #1 Sinestro I guess. I hope it’s going to be good because Sinestro is pretty dang cool.

Mai’s Picks

Harley Quinn #5 It’s just a wild ride. All kinds of ridiculous stuff happens and if it didn’t it just wouldn’t be right. I actually like the stuff squirrel best. Plus, Harley rides a Harley. 😀

Sinestro #1 My husband’s favorite comic world is the Green Lantern’s. So I try really hard to read it. But I just don’t like it. It’s too convoluted. I like characters in it but not the whole shabang. But Sinestro on the other hand. He has a solid story and actually makes me want to root for him even though he’s a baddie.