Reddit can be an incredibly useful platform for driving pageviews and building awareness of the site, but it can be tricky.

Reddit is heavily moderated and sub-reddit admins are always on the lookout for spam and self-promotion.

The 10% Rule

As a general rule, sub-reddit admins are okay with you posting content which you’ve written or is from a site you work with. That said, in order to avoid being labeled as a spammer and banned from posting on a particular sub (or reddit entirely), you should follow the “10% Rule.”

No more than 10% of the content you link to on reddit should be content you’ve generated or content which is hosted by a site you work with. One good way to work within this rule is to find and link to content you find interesting or can use to gauge interest in a certain topic. For example, if you’re looking for some opinions and feedback on the state of the market, you could post a link to a recent piece by io9 or The Beat and see what comes of the comments.

Get Involved

Don’t just be a link-dropper. Get involved in conversations. Lay some balanced wisdom down in threads on topics which interest you. This has the dual benefit of helping improve the quality of the discourse and making you look less like you’re using the platform solely for self-promotion.

Dont Sweat The Comments

Let’s face it, reddit is a wretched hive of scum and villainy often infested with MRA-types and generally the worst the internet has to offer. As such, don’t be bothered by some of the comments you might get. Look at it as anthropological research, where you’re learning more about this weird, basement-dwelling subsection of humanity.