SONY Plots a Course for the Spidey-verse


As Marvel continues to barrel along with hit after cinematic hit, they have never been shy about touting their shared universe of movies.

The obvious response from other movie studios with superhero titles was to take control of their properties and turn them into mini-multiverses.

SONY has been the most audacious studio to respond to Marvel by discussing openly that they wanted an extended “Spidey-verse” beyond just our friendly-neighborhood hero.

Today, SONY viral marketing struck a note with fanboys by releasing another Daily Bugle Spiderman Blog post, this time credited to Eddie Brock (Peter Parker’s friend/foe who goes on to become Venom). Brock makes reference to the murderer Cletus Kasady being captured. Comic fans know that Kasady goes on to become Carnage.

These dispatches from the Bugle have also made mention to many other Spidey-verse villains like Shocker, The King Pin, and the Vulture, among them. The blog has been fun and entertaining to those in the know. The blog has also been more evidence that Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s assertion that they have always been building a much larger world was more than just hopeful wishing.

According to imdb and other sources, SONY has tentatively scheduled Spider-Man 3 for June 10, 2016 and Spider-Man 4 for May 4, 2018. That clears essentially a year (2017) for a rumored¬†Sinister 6 and Carnage/Venom film. I don’t know if SONY will be as aggressive as Marvel Studios by staking out 2 movies for that year, but they have definitely staked claim to their share of the superhero movie calendar.

Do you think that SONY’s plans will be derailed?

Do you think they are stretching Spidey too thin with their ‘verse?