REVIEW: “Secret Avengers #27”

Another week, another new AVX tie-in, as “Secret Avengers #27” proves to be an enjoyable installment!

This issue reads a little differently than previous arcs of Secret Avengers due to only half the core cast members appearing. Thor, Ms. Marvel, Vision and Protector guest star, which may leave some feeling like this story could have taken place in a different Avengers book. Although the crossover halts the momentum set in place by previous plot threads, this arc does stay true to the book’s mission statement of “taking on the world’s biggest threats before they happen.”

It’s no secret that this chapter marks the return of Captain Marvel, proving that not even dying of cancer is enough to keep a Marvel character down for long! Captain Marvel had such an iconic ending, and I was left questioning whether or not I really wanted to see him come back. Remender offers up an interesting explanation to Captain Marvel’s resurrection, and his portrayal of the character isn’t out of place. If Captain Marvel’s homecoming is set in stone remains to be seen. Maybe he’s a Skrull?

Captain Britain seems uncharacteristically unconfident after his encounter with the Phoenix Force, having Thor lend a shoulder for him to cry on. Remender seems to be deconstructing him to his very core, and I’m really hoping the payoff is worth the wait.

One of the main draws to this issue is the excellent smackdowns between Captain Marvel and Thor, due in no small part to Captain Marvel being brain-washed and Thor being one of the forefathers of the “first we fight, then we team up” plot device.

The other selling point of this issue is Renato Guedes’ eye-catching illustrations. It took a few issues to get used to, but Guedes’ artwork has a distinctively indie vibe to it that makes the Kree homeworld of Hala pop!

Though someone should tell him Beast doesn’t look like a blue cave man with an upside-down vampire mouth anymore.