Scott Snyder and Jim Lee on Superman

It had to happen eventually. revealed that superstar writer Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing) and comic book legend Jim Lee (Justice League) are coming together for the first time ever to create a currently unnamed Superman series sometime in 2013.

Anyone familiar with Scott Snyder’s work knows the man has been on something of a hot streak, and smart money says this is going to be a series worth checking out. “I’ve loved Superman since I was a kid, and to be working on him now, with the great Jim Lee, is simply too thrilling for words” Snyder said. “It’s a dream come true for me on every front. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say it’s the Superman story I’d write if I only ever got one chance to write the character. It’s an exploration of everything I love and am fascinated by about him. Like Court of Owls for Batman, it’s a character piece for Clark – it’s going to challenge him to his core. And it’s definitely epic in scope, with huge action and drama – the biggest and most earth shaking action I’ve ever done. Can’t wait to see what you all think of it. Couldn’t be more grateful or excited to get the chance to make this one!”

Jim Lee, having just wrapped up what is sure to be an iconic run on Justice League, was also optimistic about the series. “As a huge fan of Scott’s writing, I’m looking forward to drawing Superman as much as I am reading Scott’s story as it unfolds,” said Lee. “Scott’s crafted a truly epic yet personal story which will demonstrate without a doubt why Superman remains the most iconic hero of the modern age. 2013 is gonna absolutely rock!”

The book is rumored to be called Superman: Man Of Steal, but DC has neither confirmed nor denied that at this time.

Stay tuned to for more details.