“Samurai Jack” Returns to Comics in New IDW Series by Rangel & Johnson Caldwell

Today, in an exclusive report on the Nerdist, IDW announced that cult favorite animated series Samurai Jack is retuning to the comics medium in a new series subtitled “Quantum Jack”, written by Fabian Rangel Jr. (“Space Riders,” “Namwolf”) with art by Warwick Johnson Caldwell (“Tank Girl”).

Samurai Jack #1
Written by Fabian Rangel Jr.
Art by Warwick Johnson Caldwell

Samurai Jack is an animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky which debuted in 2001. An immediate fan and critical favourite, the series won four Emmy awards, as well as six Annie awards, before wrapping up its original run in 2004 after four seasons. The series returned for a fifth season in 2017, which recently concluded in May.

“Quantum Jack” looks to take inspiration from the classic television series “Quantum Leap” in that it finds Jack ricocheting through alternate timelines, giving readers their chance to see Jack in different forms as he struggles to return to his proper place.

In the Nerdist piece, Rangel enthuses, “I’m beyond thrilled to be working on new Samurai Jack comics…Samurai Jack is a huge influence on my storytelling… I think fans of the show will dig what Warwick and I have been cooking up!” For his part, Caldwell adds, “Samurai Jack has been an inspiration and constant source of encouragement for me since I first saw it, in terms of art, narrative, and just plain enjoyment.”

Rangel followed up the announcement with a tweet that spells out pretty clearly how excited he is to be scripting the series:



Samurai Jack #1 will be released by IDW September, 2017.

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