Sam Wilson to Replace Steve Rogers as Captain America

cap17In a special appearance on tonight’s Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada officially announced the identity of the character slated to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America.

In a move that is sure to set the internet ablaze, Quesada named Sam “The Falcon” Wilson as Rogers’ replacement.

Sam Wilson has been Steve’s long-time partner since he first debuted in 1969, and appeared in this summer’s hit blockbuster Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier alongside Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.

Wilson is not the first hero to replace Rogers, with previous stand-ins including John “U.S. Agent” Walker and James “Bucky” Barnes.

The veteran hero’s run as Marvel’s patriotic superstar will begin with “All-New Captain America #1”, set to launch in November of 2014.

There are no indications yet as to what (if any) implications this will have for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Speculation is certain to run rampant, so be sure to check this space for future updates as more information becomes available.

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