Image Comics “Saga #19″ Sells Out…er Space

The return of Image’s space-opera Saga with issue #19 has clearly hit hard as the first issue in the new arc has sold out on the distributer level.

Don’t worry. This means that your local comic store may still have copies lying around but in order to meet demand Image has sent the issue up for a second reprinting and will be more fully available again soon.

Writer Brian K Vaughn attributes this boom in sales to the breaks the series takes between arcs allows fans to catch up and new fans to be brought in stating “We’d hoped that taking a short break after each arc to let new readers get caught up on trades before picking up the monthly issues would help us gradually expand our audience, but we never dreamed our scheme would be this successful, so thanks again.”

This strongly places Saga now as Image’s number two series surpassed only by The Walking Dead. On that topic though Brian added “Not to be greedy, but Robert Kirkman has vowed that if Saga ever outsells Walking Dead, he’ll let me shave his beard and weave the clippings into my own personal hairpiece, so can we please make that happen?

That would be quite a site to see and with Saga’s incredible trajectory so young at just #19 issues in its entirely a possibility. I kinda like him with the beard though.

Our own review (that you can read here) gives the new issue 8.5/10 and predicts that the new events unfolding over the next few issues will only ramp up.

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