Ryan Potter Drops Tim Drake Fight Scene Fan Film

Ben Affleck, just let Ryan Potter play Tim Drake already.

This past Tuesday, I broke the story that Ryan Potter really wants to play Tim Drake in the DCEU.  Since then, fans have rallied in support, trending “#RyanPotterforTimDrake” on Twitter on Thursday.  That day, the Twitter campaign peaked at #5 on the trend list.

Over the last couple of days, Potter posted several tweets about a “little something” he was working on.  He requested fans send him their best non-costume Tim Drake looks.

And just a minute ago, he posted this video:

Frankly, I’m stunned.

I trained in Choy Lay Fut kung fu for twelve years and this stunned me.  Everything from the staff movements to the exhalations is absolutely perfect.

He pulls his punches, of course, but that doesn’t matter.  His stance work is solid and everything else is perfectly accurate.

Potter ends the video by saying, “Hey Ben, like Tim said, Batman needs a Robin,” and laughing as he turns the camera off.  The tweet that broke the video to the world states:

“TIM DRAKE CONCEPT FIGHT.  Representation and diversity.  Now.  Not later.” (source)

I can’t really top that.

As I said on Tuesday, the DCEU has a great track record for taking traditionally white roles and giving them to fantastic actors of color.  Between this video, Potter’s professional record as an actor, and his audacity in directly addressing Affleck, Potter is that actor.

We can’t forget what this means for Asian kids who will get to see themselves as superheroes.  But even beyond that, Potter is quite simply the actor for the job.

Ryan Potter is best known for playing the protagonist Hiro in Big Hero 6.  He can carry a movie, kill it in a fight scene, and he wants this.

So, I add my voice to the throng: Why hasn’t Affleck cast this kid yet?


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