REVIEW: Normandy Gold #1 - Back Woods to Mean Streets

The partnership between pulpy publishing house Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics has delivered some interesting results. Taking top crime novelists and giving them space to work in the comics medium is a great idea, especially when they’re being allowed to come up with their own stories and ideas....Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Space Riders 2: Galaxy of Brutality #2 - To Insanity and Beyond!

I loved everything about the first Space Riders series. I loved the balls-out bonkers story, written by Fabian Rangel Jr, I loved the mind-blowing comix-influenced psychedelic art by Alexis Ziritt, which was wonderfully enhanced by Ryan Ferrier‘s letters. Now, the series is back with another volume, and after a...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Series 10, Episode 9: "Empress of Mars"

After the completion of a trilogy of episodes that, although ambitious, wound up being deeply flawed and unsatisfying, the tenth series of Doctor Who returns to its more classical format with “Empress of Mars,” written by series stalwart¬†Mark Gatiss, and directed with flair and style despite limitations by Wayne...Read More »

WONDER WOMAN: Full of an Amazing Grace; Undeniably Female

Seventy-six years in the making, essentially, the Wonder Woman film, directed by Patty Jenkins, delivers on the intrinsic promises made by the character. Graceful, flowing, and visually exquisite, Wonder Woman has it all in terms of superhero cinema and then some.

Firstly, anyone who feared that Gal...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who, Series 10, Episode 8: "The Lie of the Land"

The so-called “Monks Trilogy” comes to an end with this episode, written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Wayne Yip. This episode of Doctor Who starts off strong, with a bleak and tense predicament that seems hopeless and some nice thematic underpinnings about a society ruled by the sci-fi...Read More »

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