ADVANCE REVIEW: Redlands #1 - Hell Comes to a Town That Deserves It

The entirety of Redlands #1, the first issue of a new horror series from writer/color artist Jordie Bellaire and artist Vanesa R. Del Rey, is structured like the final act of most horror films. A small group of ordinary people are holed up in a confined location, under siege...Read More »

REVIEW: The New Gods Special #1 - A Tribute That Reminds Us Why The King Was Unique

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the King of comics, Mr. Jack Kirby, and DC Comics has marked 2017 with a series of Kirby-related projects that celebrate the master’s contribution to their universe. In fact, they’ve really made Marvel Comics look bad, given that Kirby’s...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: The Dregs TPB: Haunting, Uncompromising, Honest, Beautiful

Though I call the middle of America home these days, I am originally from the West Coast of Canada, and spent most of my life living in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is, of course, renowned for its scenic beauty, but as The Dregs proves, it’s also...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Bloodshot: Salvation #1 - Taking A Soldier On A New Path

Ever since writer Jeff Lemire became a driving creative force for the character, he’s added layers to Bloodshot even as he’s also given him some engrossing adventures to showcase the character’s strengths. Bloodshot: Salvation #1 is another high point for the franchise, and if the ongoing series that follows...Read More »

TBT @ THE MOVIES: Flash Gordon Would Be a Delight, if Not for Racism, Sexual Violence

My favorite kinds of movies are big, bombastic aesthetic films — movies like Batman v Superman, The Holy Mountain, and Skyfall — so I was pretty excited to watch Flash Gordon.  It has something of a reputation as a cult hit, in part due to its famous Queen...Read More »

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