REVIEW: Batman #23 - The Brave and the Mold

I miss “The Brave and the Bold.” It was a team-up book, and back in the day, when I was a kid, team-up books were very special. They usually had a star, and in this case it was Batman, and then each issue you would see the star team...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Babyteeth #1 - Slouching Towards Bethlehem

In 1919, the poet WB Yeats wrote perhaps his most famous work, “The Second Coming.” Written in the aftermath of the First World War, Yeats was commenting on that conflict’s revelations about the primal brutality of humanity, and how Europe reeled from that war’s costs in dangerous and demoralized...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: James Bond: Service One-Shot - A Timely But Basic Thriller

I like to check in with Dynamite‘s James Bond line of titles, because so far they’ve been very good at attracting top notch talent to their collection of books following the adventures of Ian Fleming’s 007 and his allies. Some of the stories have impressed me, others less so,...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Series 10, Episode 5: "Oxygen"

I’ve been genuinely loving this series of Doctor Who thus far. It’s almost as if Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi, both in their final full series, are taking the approach that this last hurrah is going to be a greatest hits tour, crafting stories that feel as archetypal as...Read More »

REVIEW: Bug! - The Adventures of Forager #1 - Weird and Wild and Unrestrained

From a creative point of view, DC’s Young Animal imprint, curated by Gerard Way, has been a mind-bending success. Letting bold and unrestrained creators cut loose in the wider corners of DC’s properties and push concepts to their limits have produced some of the most intriguing books on the...Read More »

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