REVIEW: Seven to Eternity #6: Draining the Swamp

If you’re a fan of the kind of crazy sci-fi epic fantasy stories like “The Dark Tower” or “Hyperion,” then this series has been right up your alley. Writer Rick Remender is a master of this kind of weird quest stories, the kinds that used to populate the pages...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Victor LaValle's Destroyer #1 - A Truly Modern Prometheus

When Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was published in 1818, it bore the subtitle of “The Modern Prometheus.” In the nearly two centuries since its publication and since it became a cornerstone of both horror and science fiction, it’s often been forgotten that “Frankenstein” was seen as a amazingly modern work...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who, Series 10, Episode 6: Extremis

A good word to describe “Extremis,” the latest episode of Doctor Who, would be cryptic. As the first instalment of multi-episode arc, there is much that is left deliberately vague and mysterious in the episode. Breaking the pattern set by the previous episodes of this series, “Extremis” isn’t a...Read More »

THROWBACK THURSDAY: 'Doc Savage' a Product of Its Time

Guess who’s back with Throwback Thursday!  That’s right, after a long sabbatical from the column, I’ve returned.  This week’s film is Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.  While the 1975 flick may not be a ‘comic book’ movie in the traditional sense, it definitely presaged...Read More »

REVIEW: Aquaman #23 - Undersea Unrest

A new story arc kicks off with Aquaman #23, and like many other comics in this day and age, it draws considerable inspiration from the fractious and divisive times in which we find ourselves. But whereas many comics that try to tackle current events and themes often do so...Read More »

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