REVIEW: Doctor Who - Series 10, Episode 3: "Thin Ice"

“Thin Ice” continues the trend of this 10th season of New Doctor Who embracing the best qualities of what makes the show such effervescent fun when it’s at its best, even as Sarah Dollard‘s script improves upon the first two episodes of the season in how it manages to weave...Read More »

REVIEW: Batman/The Shadow #1: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Men?

Batman/The Shadow #1 may not be the first time that the Dark Knight has met his more direct literary antecedent, but it may be the flashiest and most high-profile team-up of the two legendary characters, boasting a script by two of DC’s top writers Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando,...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Doctor Who - The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #2 - An Ordinary Diversion

The third year of Titan’s series depicting the adventures of the Twelfth Doctor kicked off with a first issue that was a fun mash-up of iconography from the classic TV series with the fast-paced character-based storytelling approach of the modern series. It boasted a promising start for the third...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Series 10, Episode 2: "Smile"

“Smile”, like “The Pilot” before it, represents a return to a classic approach to this season of Doctor Who, and just like the premiere episode, this instalment is refreshingly fun, engaging and tremendously enjoyable. Its structure in many ways is a modern interpretation of the archetypal Doctor Who story;...Read More »

REVIEW: Curse Words #4 - False Beards and French Cops

Curse Words #4 continues to prove that writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Browne have one of the most consistently funny and irreverent titles on the stands right now, but this latest issue doesn’t just rest on its laurels. Soule and Browne use the issue to offer up some...Read More »

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