Review: Batgirl #13 - Bats and Cats...Living Together...Mass Hysteria!

Batgirl #13 acts as a bit of a breather before a new arc kicks in next issue, but it also serves as a nice jumping-on point for any readers out there curious about giving writer Hope Larson‘s celebrated take on the character a try. It’s a done-in-one issue, and...Read More »

REVIEW: Faith and the Future Force #1 - Fans to the Future!

Valiant’s popular super-hero Faith is an infectious character for anyone who considers themselves a nerd for comics or science fiction or really any kind of genre, as the character shares the same fannish glee as the readers.  This is one of the reasons why, aside from the the way...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Turok #1 - Engaging Characters, Familiar Action

When Dynamite Entertainment launched its “Sovereign” line of titles recently, featuring characters licensed from the old Gold Key comics, they opted for a bold and risky strategy. “The Sovereigns” title would debut first, and it and subsequent titles would feature back-up stories that would introduce readers to the assorted...Read More »

Review: Road to Riverdale TPB Vol 3: What Inspired the CW's Riverdale

Road to Riverdale’s Trade Paperback Volume 3 is now available.

So, confession time. Archie comics has never been something that really appealed to me. Growing up I was not a big fan of the idealized world that the comic seemed to present. That probably has something to do with my own...Read More »

REVIEW: SUPERB #1 Serves Up a New Escapism for Disabled Readers

Superb by David F. Walker and Sheena C. Howard made a splash a few months ago when it was first announced, because it is the first superhero title with a hero with Down syndrome.  As a disabled person whose disability is neurological in nature, seeing this was happening...Read More »

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