REVIEW: The Wild Storm #5 - Daemons, Cosmonauts and Redemption

With The Wild Storm #5, writer Warren Ellis continues the engrossing slow burn that has defined this series so far, and that continues to be no bad thing at all, given how rich the world he’s creating is. If you’re looking for a series that takes seriously the concept...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW - The Death of Stalin: The Comedy of Tyranny

Totalitarian regimes have, oddly enough, provided the best fodder for political comedy and satire. There’s something about the absurdity of living under brutality couched and protected by beauracracy that requires only the slightest nudge to tip into full on comedy. And through the years, we’ve seen satire used as...Read More »

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Series 10, Episode 10: "The Eaters of Light"

“The Eaters of Light” is something of a milestone for Doctor Who, for it marks the first time since the series returned in the 21st Century that a writer from the classic series has come back to the show. In a way, it’s hard to see another series of...Read More »

REVIEW: Noble #2 is Action-Packed and Cinematic

So this review is a week late, and I apologize for that.  But, dude, Noble from Lion Forge is still so damn good.  Last month I talked about how the comic centered the perspective of Astrid Powell, the title character’s wife.  This is...Read More »

REVIEW: Dark Days - The Forge #1 - Impenetrable But Intriguing Metal

DC’s big summer event for 2017 has been announced as “Dark Nights – Metal”, which sees “Batman” superstars Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo re-team to tell a big story involving all the heroes of the DC Pantheon. Dark Days – The Forge #1 is the prequel that kicks off...Read More »

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