Review: “Rat Queens # 4″—Let’s Get Stabby!

(w)  Kurtis J Wiebe (a) Roc Upchurch Image Comics $3.50
(w) Kurtis J Wiebe
(a) Roc Upchurch
Image Comics

This is not a biased review, and there is a good reason for that. It’s because Wiebe and Upchurch have created such an outstanding piece of work that I can’t look at it objectively. It’s too damn good! I’m also pretty sure that I’ve told you this before, but when I read the first issue I didn’t like it at first; it was just weird with the general motif and all the swearing, but before I finished the first issue my opinion changed right around. All that cussing and stabbing was absolutely necessary.

Violence and swearing are absolutely necessary. In issue three we had a little bit of a break from that with some character development. It was really cool to see those characters for what they truly are outside of the Rat Queens and to see them dealing with life and love. It added balance.

That said, “Rat Queens #4” was back to the blood, guts, and brawling with tons of swearing and great jokes. I LOLed (as in actually laughed out loud not just typed three letters) three plus times. The creators of this comic have the perfect balance down for these girls. They are real, mouthy, love booze, and love trouble more.

Go pick this up so you can get into some trouble too. You will definitely feel like going out and boozing it up when you’re done.

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  • I do really really love this series; however this issue the art felt really rushed, actually suffering some of the same issues as last years Debris (unfinished backgrounds and faces, etc). Between these similar issues and the unscheduled month hiatus; I’m beginning to think that either Weibe has trouble sticking to a schedule or is spread too thin with Panzerfaust returning the same week.