REVIEW: Morning Glories Volume 4: Truant

Nick Spencer (writer) / joe Eisma (art) / Rodin Esquejo (covers)

Image Comics TPB $14.99

I love Morning Glories. I love the art, the character design, the religious references, characters’ personalities, and everything else. I also hate each character as much as I love them.

For every moment that you actually like a Morning Glories character you have ten moments where you hate them and despise everything that they do. For example, Irina, a character that is newly introduced in volume 4, is a B.A.M.F. in every sense of the word. I love how she talks, how she walks, and how she holds a gun, and then I hate EVERYTHING that she stands for.

As a reader, you cannot trust yourself or the author to help you make any sound decisions on which characters to root for. There are none. Characters I liked in volume 3 are terrible in volume 4. Characters that I thought were no count now suddenly have more depth.

Nick Spencer is a truly accomplished writer for all the twists and turns that he puts into Morning Glories. Each character is unique and interesting. But he’s a sadist. He wants to torture us all. And we are all masochists dying to be tortured with his next installment.

Joe Eisma’s art also really helps to define each character. With each facial expression I hate Ike just a bit more, and with every tilt of Irina’s head while she gives that I-will-kill-you look I want to see how far she can be pushed. He has drawn a world that while hard to believe still sucks us in.

I also can’t forget Rodin Esquejo’s covers. I wouldn’t have picked it up with a title like Morning Glories if it weren’t for his amazing and creepy covers.

If you haven’t started this yet, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. It’s just too damn good.

Verdict: 10/10