REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow season premier a solid episode of series.

Legends of Tomorrow premiered tonight, rounding out a four-day slate of 8pm DC superhero shows on The CW.  I tuned in, having followed this show from the beginning, with a lot of excitement.

It didn’t disappoint, but to be honest, it didn’t really rock my world, either.  With Hawkgirl and Captain Cold no longer on the team, all of my favorite character dynamics don’t exist anymore.  Additionally, Hawkgirl’s exit means that White Canary has no female teammates anymore.  Hopefully the entrance of Vixen to the series will help remedy this, but still.

Captain Cold’s exit from the show, also, hasn’t been mentioned either, which seems odd, considering Heatwave is a central character in this episode.  However, that could just have to do with the fact that Heatwave can and should have development outside his partner.  Maybe we’ll get more Captain Cold content later in the season, who knows.

The episode begins with Nate Heywood, historian, approaching Oliver Queen (of Arrow) about historical anomalies he feels connect back to the Legends of Tomorrow.  In fact, Heywood believes that the Legends went down underwater in 1942 in a confrontation with a nuclear bomb.  He and Queen go to the location, and in fact, there lies the Waverider, with just one occupant: Heatwave.

They wake him and ask him what the hell happened to his team.  From there, most of the episode occurs in flashback.  Mick tells us that the team has been working to maintain history since the destruction of the Time Lords six months ago.  More recently, the team discovered that someone has altered history to blow up New York City with an atomic bomb in 1942.  They, of course, work to stop it, despite having been told by Rex Tyler not to go to 1942.

As it turns out, the team has to kidnap Einstein and Einstein’s ex-wife to protect them from Nazis.  The Nazis, working with Damien Dahrk, want to force the Einsteins to build them a nuclear bomb.  The team manages to rescue Einstein, but the Nazis still get their bomb from his ex.  As such, the team has to try and keep the Nazis from using it.  When the Nazis do, Rip makes the executive decision to time scatter the whole team (besides Mick) throughout history.  Mick he puts in stasis on the ship because Mick got shot fighting the Nazis and would have died in the time scatter.

As for Rip?  Well, he rams the Waverider into the atom bomb, and…well, we don’t know what happened to him.

Queen enlists Heywood to help Mick get the rest of the team back, because he’s a historian.  They find Ray Palmer 70 million years ago, Dr. Stein and Jax in medieval England, and Sarah at the Salem Witch Trials.  Once the team gets back together, they figure out how to protect the Einsteins.  Einstein reveals his ex-wife’s contributions to nuclear physics, so she enjoys the same kind of protection he does.  However, when they leave the Einsteins there, the Legends of Tomorrow encounter a group of super-persons calling themselves the Justice Society of America, and they do not look happy.

Additionally, we find out in a scene with Damien Dahrk that he is working with Eobard Thawne.  Yes, Reverse-Flash, for those familiar with The Flash.  Considering I don’t have a lot of Flash-specific knowledge, I can’t speculate on how important this might become.

However, I can speculate on a few things, based on the episode’s subplots.  Particularly, Rip focusing on letting Jax learn pretty much everything there is to know about the Waverider before sacrificing himself to stop the Nazi atom bomb makes me think that Jax will take a position of leadership on the team.

Additionally, the show has set up a significant subplot involving Sara and Damien Dahrk.  Dahrk is responsible for Laurel Lance’s death, and Sara wants her revenge.  Considering that Kendra’s personal revenge quest against Vandal Savage made for really great emotional beats last season, I hope we get something similar with Sara’s revenge this year.

Overall, the season premier episode of Legends of Tomorrow isn’t exceptional, but it was totally worth tuning in, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!


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