REVIEW: Incidentals #1 Shows Great Potential for Dysfunction

Lion Forge ends off the first phase of number ones in the Catalyst Prime line with Incidentals, a team book focused around superhumans who all seem to have been present at a certain beach during The Event.

Written by Joe Casey, illustrated by Larry Stroman, Rob Stull, and Snakebite Cortez, and created by Ramon Govea, Incidentals gives us a look into the lives of seven superhumans with widely diverging power sets.  Led by the secretive Mister Chen, the team begins with a roster of three: Taylor — team leader under Chen — Vanessa, and Nuke.  They’re trying to apprehend a teenage girl with light-based powers at the top of the issue.

Another character, Alex, appears in the next couple of scenes, settling a score with his abusive father.  Then, we find that he and Vanessa dated before the event.  She broke up with him sometime after their powers manifested.  We then flip back to the unnamed teenager as she fights some cops, who fear and dehumanize her.

Then, we meet another superhuman, a teleporter named Mario Brenner.  Brenner meets with Mister Chen, who shows him a 3D map of the universe.  The coolest part?  Chen implies he drew it based on his dreams and visions of the cosmos.

Overall, I really look forward to seeing where this goes.  However, I think it’s also just a little too early to tell if I will like this team.  We don’t have enough character development yet.  Additionally, the art style makes it hard to differentiate the tall brunet men with not facial hair from each other.  I’ve gotten Alex, Marko, and Taylor mixed up a number of times the first couple of times I read the issue.

That said, I’ll be looking forward to next month’s #2, due to Mister Chen’s cryptic warnings about potential cosmic destruction.  That stuff is totally up my alley.

Murphy Leigh

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