REVIEW: “Ghost #3” Great Conclusion to First Arc


"Ghost #3" w) Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chris Sebela a) Geraldo Borges, Andy Owens c) Dave McCraig Dark Horse Comics $2.99
“Ghost #3”
w) Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chris Sebela
a) Geraldo Borges, Andy Owens
c) Dave McCraig
Dark Horse Comics

Now when I picked up my copy of “Ghost #3″ I assumed it was going to continue the exploits of Patrick Swayze and his love interest with Demi Moore but alas this was not to be. As it turns out the story is about a woman named Elisa Cameron who is “caught between life and death” and is the continuation of another storyline which literally tens of people were excited to see rebooted.

The third book in the new series picks up from the adventures of Elisa as she has made a deal with a demon to try to find out more about her past and where Doctor October is. The demon has taken her to a house of an old acquaintance of both of theirs and a demon has shown up to get his ass kicked. Her best friends are chilling at home being stalked unbeknownst by a serial killer. Her other friends are trying to warn her that the demon she has struck the deal with is going to trick her because apparently they think she is five years old and doesn’t understand the dangers of making deals with demons. Without getting into spoiler territory she’s ready for the double-cross and it’s actually my favorite bit of writing in this comic.

The storyline is pretty good from a plotting perspective and I really like the way this comic combines the three different storylines together which hasn’t been done thus far in the series. My main problem with this comic is the double edged sword of the dialogue. It tries to do the Joss Whedon, Brian Michael Bendis, thing where everyone is witty and funny and sometimes it works but often it comes off as cliché. For example if you have to say, “I don’t want to sound clichéd but we are being followed” you aren’t escaping the cliché, you are calling attention to it and then just running along with it which is almost worse. Or take as another example “I’m tired of carrot and stick, Beleth. And I’m all out of carrots.” I mean, I’m not even sure if that is supposed to be dumb or just be ironically dumb but it doesn’t work for me either way. Okay one last one because these are kind of fun: “If I die I’m going to kill you.” You get it? Because they’re ghosts. Holy shit I get the title now.

While the writing can be iffy the artwork is pretty good. The action scenes can be hard to follow sometimes but for the most part the monsters are varied and the action feels visceral and gory. One of my favorite panels involved Elisa phasing into the ground, grabbing some pipes and then phasing them into a monster which was just awesome. The panels are dynamic and I really appreciate some of the uses of shadow to add variety to the work. My only real critique is that sometimes I get the white, brown-haired guy confused with the other white, brown-haired guy.

All in all it gets a recommendation. If you have followed the other two comics in the series it’s a pretty dang good conclusion to the first story arc. And while the writing can be clichéd Kelly Sue DeCennick is a talented writer, and I have faith the stories will pick up as we continue to investigate the past of this interesting character.

7/10 Warm Recommendation