REVIEW: “Daredevil #2” Gives Us A Shadowy New Villain

Warning: some SPOILERS for “Daredevil #2” follow.

Daredevil 02 cover
“Daredevil #2” | [W] Mark Waid | [A] Chris Samnee | Marvel Comics | $3.99

So, The Owl is back…? No biggie.

Matt Murdock continued to adjust to his new-old hometown, and in this issue we see that not everyone is happy to have our Daredevil in the Bay Area, as an opening dream sequence shows us The Shroud’s frustration at living in Murdock’s shadow.

As detective Charlotte Hastert is served dinner by Matt Murdock, she also serves him a bit of exposition on our new villain (slightly Batman-ish back story, no?). The idea that the villain will appear just when he’s being discussed is perhaps slightly unlikely, but I did enjoy how nonchalant Matt was about going up to meet him on the roof. The resulting action scene was fun and fast-paced.

Towards the end of the issue we came into two big plot points: the first being that Daredevil’s early victory over The Shroud might have been a little too easy, as the latter doesn’t see San Francisco as big enough for two blind vigilantes. The second was a small revelation, and add on to last issue’s cliffhanger, telling us that Foggy did not die of the cancer that afflicted him. I do wonder what the dark look on Ms. McDuffie’s face was meant to convey.

“Daredevil #2” was a fun issue, filled with the standard high level of writing ant artwork we’ve come to expect from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Samnee often manages to excel in small ways that show his great skill, such as the way he portrays Daredevil and The Shroud’s different radar senses. Overall, this was another pretty great issue, with a cliffhanger that leaves us curious and eager.

Verdict: 8.6/10


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