REVIEW: Black Science—What are you really made of?


It’s really interesting to see what the creators of Black Science will do with a single issue. In issue #1 we read about a hectic race back to the pillar. People get saved, war ensues, life musings too, and page one to the last it’s all taken place over about ten minutes. That was an amazing way to start off a series. I was lucky someone at my comic shop didn’t really care what I initially thought and just put it in my pile. I thanked him for it later.

Issue #2 slowed down a bit, but we learned a little back story and the group dynamics as well as learning about the new dimension they landed in. In the latest, we not only get more back story, more familial dynamics, but all learn just what everyone is made of. Do the strong stay strong or do they freak out when duty calls? Can a character make the hard decisions and do what’s best for everyone? Can Kadir not be an incredible jerk? Surprised me to find out this was actually possible. lol.

If you want another potent issue of the anarchist scientist’s adventures then you want this. You find out what everyone is truly made up of.

You’ll also still find the amazing art still breathtaking. One of my favorites.

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