REVIEW: Alex + Ada #12 – When You’re Sinking

Alex + Ada is the kind of series that proves to me that my reading tastes have evolved a great deal in the last five years. That’s a relatively short time ago but I wouldn’t have even considered

REVIEW: Alex + Ada #12 – When You’re Sinking
Written by: Sarah Vaughn & Jonathan Luna
Art by: Jonathan Luna
Published by: Image Comics

reading this series then, let alone find myself caring so deeply for the characters. Yet here I am, twelve issues into this series, and completely enthralled by the plight of Alex and Ada, characters that I’ve come to sympathize with and care about on an emotional level.

Great stories need great characters in order to survive and this series has that in its protagonists. I’m not going to retread ground I’ve already broken in past reviews, but instead focus on what made this issue yet another entertaining installment worth reading.

Of course, there is always the alluring art of Jonathan Luna to draw you in. His art lacks the steroid-fueled muscle tone and multicolored plumage of superhero titles but it has a grace and personality that creates a sense of atmosphere and beauty. Luna’s style is the perfect fit for the visuals this kind of story demands, a kind of sensitive, personal approach that has more in common with a well-shot drama than a big blockbuster. This issue is crisp, clean and brings exactly what we’ve come to expect from this artist and this series.

If there is something that this story does exceeding well when compared to most other comics it is emotional payoff. Luna and writer Sarah Vaughn understand how to set-up and execute pieces of the story to maximize the impact of the event on the reader. This issue brings several such moments to climatic action and Alex and Ada’s reactions are believable and compelling. Each layer of story adds yet more intrigue onto the already interesting foundation this series is built upon. At some point soon Luna and Vaughn will have to stop adding layers in order to wrap the series up and this installment feels like it’s building toward an excellent climax.


Dedicated readers to this series probably found this issue to be the most rewarding of the series to date with massive emotional payoffs coming into play. Luna and Vaughn are to be commended for the difficulty I’ve had in trying to predict whether the ending is going to be joyous or tragic. The tone, like many great stories, straddles the line between comedy and tragedy making it an anticipated title for me each month as I anxiously await the next turn in the story.

“Alex + Ada #12” earns 9.3/10