Long-Lost Character Returns in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 (SPOILERS)

DC Comic’s universe changing, summer event is just one day away, and with that it’s been revealed that a long-lost character will be brought back to us.


The fiery-haired Flash, the “missing” Titan, Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash, will be returning in the pages of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 tomorrow. Along will the return of Wally begs the question: will there now be two Wally Wests in the aftermath of DC’s Rebirth?

According to the special issue that will be released tomorrow, the two Wally Wests are cousins who have never met, each named after the same grandfather, Wallace West. The original Wally is Rudy West’s son, and the New 52 Wally is Rudy’s brother, Daniel, son.


So now there will be an adult and “kid” version of Kid Flash in the new DC Universe, and both will be a part of their of Titans team. One will consist of veteran Teen Titans, including; Nightwing, Arsenal, Donna Troy, Garth and Lilith in the pages of TITANS: REBIRTH #1, where the original Kid Flash gets a new red suit (right). The other, younger, group will consist of Robin/ Damian Wayne, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash.

The return of post-New 52 Wally is what kickstarts DC’s Rebirth, as Wally returns from being trapped in the Speed Force, trying to find a “tether” to Earth so that he doesn’t permanently become part of the Speed Force.

Wally also comes back with his full memory post-Flashpoint, explaining that he thinks someone or something has meddled with the memories and events of the DC universe, which is what really made the New 52.

Following has been a release of a 17-page preview into DC Universe: Rebirth #1, giving a lot of hints into what’s being set up for this reboot. Just in the previews alone, there’s a lot to take in.  Batman thinks there may be three different Jokers, Ray Palmer is trapped in some “micro verse” asking for Ryan Choi’s (pre-Flashpoint Atom) help, Jaime Reyes is working with Ted Kord (the original Blue Beetle, and not dead) to help with the scarab stuck to Jaime.

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In addition to all of this fantastic news, Bleeding Cool reported of a Reddit user SuperAe16 posted to r/comicbooks  on a copy of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, and released a photo of one of the final pages in the issue, which may have revealed whose behind everything that’s happened to the DCU.

The Watchmen?
The Watchmen?

Could The Watchman be making their appearance in the DCU? According to the Bleeding4071-e1463787511887-228x350 Cool article, Doctor Manhattan is the one responsible for the creation of the New 52 universe. After all, at the end of Watchmen, did he not say he wanted to go and “create new life”?

If that’s the route Geoff Johns is taking for Rebirth, then we better get ourselves ready for a rollercoaster of a story.


DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns hits shelves tomorrow, May 25, and TITANS: REBIRTH #1 is released June 15.