RECAP/REVIEW: Supergirl 2.02 – Metallo, Cadmus, and Snapper, oh my!

Okay, let’s hit the ground running with this one!  The episode, “The Last Children of Krypton,” opens up with a brief recap of last week: man falls from sky, stuff explodes, Superman is there, and wham, Metallo!

Everybody got it?  If not, my last recap is right here.

Moving on.  The episode proper opens with Clark and Kara ‘showboating’ — stopping crimes and averting disaster all over National City.  Hank, back at the DEO, really hates it, based on his conflict with Superman.  Winn makes a fine Yoda impression.  Everyone loves Superman.

Then, we cut to Metallo and Cadmus.  The Cadmus doctor, who so far doesn’t have a name, tells him what she did to him.  Basically, Metallo now has a metal skeleton and a Kryptonite heart.  His purpose, now, is to kill Kara and Clark, and by golly, he’s gonna try.

When we get back to the DEO, we find that the man who fell from the sky keeps draining power from the DEO’s generators.  Clark doesn’t like the fact that Hank is keeping Kryptonite near the man from the sky, because it makes him seem like a prisoner.

This ongoing subplot involving Clark, Hank, and Kryptonite really works well, at least to me.  It shows that despite characters being on the same side, they don’t necessarily agree on really important things.  Later in the episode, they put aside their grievances long enough to figure out what Metallo is made of, but Hank makes it clear that he will not be caught unprepared again, the way he was when Mars died.

However, this does mean it doesn’t make sense when, at the end of the episode, Hank gives all of the Kryptonite to Clark to take away.  I can’t help but wonder if it comes out of the idea that Superman always wins that seems to be so prevalent in popular perceptions of the character.

However, Alex does point out that Clark ‘abandoned’ Kara with the Danverses.  This happens in a scene where Alex and Kara argue over Alex’s place in Kara’s life.  Alex feels frustrated and ignored in favor Clark.  Kara, in true House of El fashion, blunders all over her sister’s feelings by saying she’s considering moving to Metropolis with Clark.  She rationalizes that getting her out of National City will draw Cadmus away from the city, keeping Alex and the DEO safer.

The logic makes no sense for a number of reasons, like the fact that Cadmus already knows the DEO exists, and that the Danvers family is connected to it.

Anyway, back to the A-plot: Cadmus and Metallo.  Clark and Kara battle Metallo on a bridge, discovering his Kryptonite heart.  He very nearly kills them, and Clark has to carry Kara back to the DEO.  As a result, Hank assigns Winn to create body armor for Clark and Kara for the next time they fight Metallo.

I want to briefly mention that Winn continues to have the world’s biggest crush on Clark.  Like, Jesus.  He does eventually get to hug him, but the whole situation just totally strikes me as the gayest thing I’ve seen in a while.  And I loved every second of it.

Moving on, Kara and Clark go to fight Metallo again, before Win finishes.  They discover that now Cadmus has made two of them.

While that happens, we get a glimpse of Metropolis!  One Metallo goes there, while the other stays in National City.  As such, while Kara and Clark go fight them, we get a great scene between Winn and Alex.  Alex tells him about her fight with Kara.  She feels like Kara doesn’t appreciate her.  Winn reminds her that foster kids often get treated like they’re ungrateful.  I don’t know if I agree with this scene on a content level — Kara did say something insensitive.  Nobody in that argument scene came off with the moral high ground.

Either way, Winn and Kara figure out who gave the kryptonite to Cadmus — because someone in the DEO did, since otherwise, Hank has all the kryptonite out there.  Alex then tricks the mole into revealing himself.  However, Cadmus briefly captures her.  The main doctor who created Metallo tries to sway Alex to her side.  However, she can’t, and Alex tells her that she’ll come for them all as soon as she finds her father.

In the ensuing fight scene, Alex kicks a lot of butt, and then Kara comes in to finish the job.  Kara then realizes that Cadmus believes that the good guys are divided.  They, therefore, to beat the Metallos, need to prove they aren’t.

Clark and Hank take the Metallo in Metropolis.  Kara and Alex handle the one in National City.  Winn’s body armor works really, really well.

The other major subplot for Kara in this episode is her new job as a reporter.  Cat introduces her to her new boss, Snapper Carr.  Carr doesn’t like her, and doesn’t believe she can do the job Cat wants her to do.  He refuses to take her on.

Kara goes to Cat, asking her to help.  Cat tells her that she needs to stand up for herself.  She then reveals that she is taking a leave of absence from CatCo.  She feels like a shark stuck in the same pool of water, and she knows there are more oceans to conquer.  Kara and Supergirl both have great scenes with Cat in this episode, to be honest.  I really feel that this dynamic was one of the most well-developed and well-written aspects of the show, and I feel sad to see it go.

That said, James will take on some of Cat’s responsibilities (and her office) while she goes off and conquers those new oceans.  I can’t wait to see what they decide to do with that — James deserves a damn good plot after having his and Kara’s romance so badly shelved, even temporarily.

At the very end of the episode, Kara speaks to the unconscious alien, telling him she’ll be there for him when he wakes up.

He wakes up, and immediately tries to strangle her, and the episode ends.

Overall, I feel the writing didn’t hold up super well this week, but I loved the best character moments.  I also really appreciate that Kara makes mistakes and has trouble handling risk-taking.  It really makes her relatable, especially for me.

Next week, stay tuned for the guest appearance by Lynda Carter as the President!  Additionally, this episode will introduce newcomer Maggie Sawyer.  I, personally, can’t wait!


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