Preview: “Shadowman: End Times #1”

Valiant Comics has announced a new miniseries in the Shadowman franchise, Shadowman: End Times. The three-issue miniseries will focus on the latest Shadowman, Jack Boniface, and his struggles with voodoo loas, the return of his father, Josiah, and the deadly Master Darque. Written by Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) with art by Valentine De Landro (who, readers may remember, will be creating Bitch Planet for Image this year along with Kelly Sue DeConnick), “Shadowman: End Times #1” comes out in April 2014.

“Shadowman: End Times #1” – Coming in April from Peter Milligan and Valentine De Landro!

Valiant is proud to announce “Shadowman: End Times #1” (of 3) – an oversized, prestige three-issue mini-series from master storyteller Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and acclaimed artist Valentine De Landro (Bitch Planet)! The end times begin this April when Valiant unleashes an all-new starting point for New Orleans’ nocturnal guardian and a perfect introduction to Peter Milligan’s sinister new direction for Shadowman!
Jack Boniface thinks that he’s finally fixed his life — and the source of the dark power inside him. But when a figure from the past emerges to reveal the troubling truth about his destiny, the latest Shadowman will be forced to run a gauntlet of his darkest fears realized: the rise of a wild new pantheon of Voodoo loas… the return of his father, Josiah…and the earthly restoration of his oldest and deadliest enemy, Master Darque. Make no mistake — doom is coming for Shadowman…and the devastating consequences are about to lead Jack Boniface to a perilous new turning point!
“I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that it’s unlikely if Shadowman could ever be the same again after this mini-series. As to what hope fans might have of Jack and Shadowman making it out of this adventure, I’ll quote Shelley: ‘Hope may vanish, but can die not,” Milligan told Newsarama.
Shadowman: End Times is where we absolutely blow it up,” added editor Alejandro Arbona. “Peter has masterminded a long-term plan for Shadowman, and End Times is its beating heart and guts. Frankly, it’s like nothing I’ve ever read in superhero comics. Don’t think of it as an ending…it’s the beginning of a Shadowman we’ve never seen before.”
This April, Shadowman gets pushed to the edge…but can Jack Boniface survive the plunge? The answers await in “Shadowman: End Times #1 “(of 3) – featuring covers by red-hot talents Giueseppe Camuncoli (Superior Spider-Man), Jeff Dekal (Journey into Mystery) and David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki)! Start reading here this April with an all-new entry point into the savage depths of Peter Milliagn’s Shadowman saga!
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“Shadowman: End Times #1” (of 3)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by JEFF DEKAL
Variant Cover by DAVID MACK
$3.99/T+/40 pgs.


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