Preview: Images from “It Came! #4”

Titan Comics has issued a preview for the final issue of It Came!. “It Came! #4” is written and drawn by Dan Boultwood and comes out on November 13, 2013.


“It Came #4”
Writer/Artist: Dan Boultwood
Titan Comics
Released: 11/13/13

Dan Boultwood’s thrilling tale of SF B-movie derring-do brews to a fiery finale, as the first full movie from Pinetree Studios is rescued from the archives!

Dr. Boy Brett and his lady assistant Doris Night hurry to London in pursuit of the monstrous robot GRURK, now smashing a wave of destruction through the capital, in the face of the beleaguered and ineffectual military might of the British Empire. All seems lost… but does DORIS hold the key to the undoing of this otherworldly invasion?


A must-read for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this is a gorgeously-illustrated, deeply-funny adventure!


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