Preview: Elephantmen 2260, Book One

Image has announced a new trade paperback for its series Elephantmen. The trade, entitled “Elephantmen 2260, Book One” will collect issues 51-55 of the Richard Starkings (writer) and Axel Medellin (artist) series. It comes to stores April 2, 2014, at the price of $9.99.



A new arc, a new slim trade paperback format, and a low introductory price make this the perfect opportunity to join the legions of ELEPHANTMEN fans with ELEPHANTMEN 2260, BOOK ONE, written by Richard Starkings and featuring art by Axel Medellin.
Jack Farrell is a private detective who never gave a second thought to the Elephantmen—until he was paid to. Read the comic John Layman, writer of the New York Times bestselling CHEW calls, “not just the best science-fiction on the market today, but simply one of the absolute best comics. An epic, affecting, unforgettable exploration of the human condition.”
ELEPHANTMEN 2260, BOOK ONE collects issues 51-55.


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