Prelude to Infinity – An Inside look at “Avengers #14”

Marvel recently released a first look into the upcoming event Infinity, starting with “Avengers #14.”

This issue will feature writers Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer with art being handled by Stefano Caselli. Marvel has been teasing that this June will be a rough one for the Avengers. Hickman’s Avengers will be facing a threat unlike any other, the Builders! The Builders have created Origin sites around the Marvel Universe and sending signals that have sprouted questions, but this isn’t where the Avengers problem end. A.I.M’s S7 program is also causing great strain for the Avengers giving them a double duty of  trouble and work.

Is the S7 project what A.I.M had planned since buying an island and becoming a sovereign nation?

How long have A.I.M been planning this?

What are the Builders sending? Will the Avengers be able to deal with both threats?

“Avengers #14” will be released July 9th, and this will be one prelude that kick starts Marvel’s Infinity event.

For more of an inside look at Avengers #14 take a look at the official Marvel Press release below.


Cover art by Leinil Yu.





This June, jump on the road to the biggest comic book event of the summer with “Avengers #14” – a prelude to Infinity! From the blockbuster creative team of writers Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer and artist Stefano Caselli! With the Builders light years away, all of the Origin Sites across the globe activate sending their signal across the Marvel Universe! But what do they mean? And with A.I.M.’s S7 program about to kickoff – can the Avengers tackle both threats before it’s too late?

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