Powers Real Women Need in the World Today

Women are starting to get their due when it comes to comics, and frankly it’s about time. Strong female characters like Captain Marvel, She-Hulk (now just Hulk), Batwoman, Spider-Gwen, and RiRi Williams (set to be the new Iron Man) are hopefully just the beginning of what will be a trend of women taking a greater role in the superhero universe, outside of occupying refrigerators. But there are still plenty of powerful women in the real world saving the day on a regular basis as well. While there’s no question that girls are tough, we wouldn’t turn down a few superpowers to help us on our way. These are four we’d choose.

The Power to Close the Wage Gap

It’s getting better, sure. But the fact of the matter is, according to the Wall Street Journal, that women still earn generally less than their male counterparts in their respective positions. That’s messed up. With more people aware of the problem, it’s starting to get the attention it deserves. However, it’s still nowhere near where it should be, which is equal. Give us the power to close the wage gap instantaneously, and we’ll call things even.

The Power to Impart Empathy and Wisdom

When She Knows asked its readers what superpowers they would want, the ability to make others feel empathy ranked high on the list. Empathy is an increasingly rare trait these days and if other people were able to share the feelings of others, we can only imagine the impact it would have on our world. A lack of empathy is often at the root of ignorance, and being able to impart a little bit of knowledge and kindness could make a huge difference.

The Power to Silence Cat-callers

Of course, some people just can’t be saved and need to learn the hard way. It might be one of the single most frustrating things about trying to walk down the street—or honestly, do anything—without being bothered. No, we don’t want to talk to you, we’re trying to just literally do anything that guys get to do every day without being harassed! One county in the United Kingdom went so far as to make cat-callling illegal, but we imagine it will be some time before we get anything like that in the States. While you might wish for some super-strength to punch these jerks into the sun, a more pacifist approach is typically the best course of action. One video presented at The Scene on what would happen if women had superpowers suggests the power to simply turn cat-callers into actual cats. Honestly, that would probably greatly improve society, not to mention help fix New York City’s rat problem.

The Power to Talk to Cats

There are, however, some kinds of cat calls that we actually like, and those are pleasant purrs and meows of an actual cat. This one is just for fun but wouldn’t it great if you actually knew what your cat was saying? Some things may be better left unspoken, though, and there’s a good chance they’re just telling us things like “we’re hungry” or “if you die I’m going to eat you.” In this case, ignorance is bliss.

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