POINT OF ENTRY: World War Hulk


I’ve read Planet Hulk, the preface to World War Hulk. I loved it. I got all snively, it was a great story. It made me interested in a character that I scoffed at before and had zero intentions of reading anything about him. I mean, Hulk, big, green, angry dude. Doesn’t sound that interesting.

But Planet Hulk changed that. I cared about his plight. I wanted him to succeed and be happy and have friends. And I was so sad for him at the end. I couldn’t believe that the creators wouldn’t let him be happy…well I guess I can believe it because that would be the end of Hulk. I guess Banner isn’t that interesting by himself either.

Honestly, I wish I hadn’t read World War Hulk. It soured my opinion of him and completely confused me on who and what is going on in the Marvel universe. I kept expecting Banner to come out or the Hulk that cared for a wife and was excited to be an expecting father to make an appearance. But he didn’t. And at the end, I don’t even know what happened or how he made any kind of choice. It just seemed like he was defeated by Iron Man.

Speaking of confusion, here is the list of questions I amassed (wrote them down as I went) while reading World War Hulk:

1. Who is Black Bolt?
2. Why does Iron Man have the authority to give people pardons?
3. Who is Sentry? And why is he agoraphobic?
4. Thor was cloned?
5. Captain America is dead?
6. What was the green thing at the end if not Hulk?

Questions and question for everyone. Anyone want to help a noob out?