Point of Entry: Saga—Not like Twilight and Star Wars


I’m a sucker for a comic with some amazing art. That said, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this series. The drawing style, character designs, and creativity of this artistic world really impressed me. If you guys don’t know much about me, I’ll tell you that before I came back to America in 2011, the only American comics I had read were Roger Rabbit and Betty Page comics. Before 2011, I spent four years in Japan reading all kinds of manga, but I especially gravitated towards series that had oni and akuma (demons and devils). Here is an example from Akuma to Doruche (Devil and Dolce)


See the horns? Doesn’t that look a tiny bit like Marko? I know there are all kinds of American influences with humans with horns, but all the examples I can think of seem more sinister. (I’m thinking of that Tom Cruise movie Legend.) But for me, having a background in Japan and Japanese culture, it looks like someone may have some Japanese influences here. I pull all this straight from my a$$ but I always assume I should write Point of Entry without looking up any information, because not all noobs want to look up stuff, so there you go. Right directly after I write this review I’m off to look it up though.

While we’re on the subject of character design, Fiona Staples has a pretty crazy imagination with some of these characters. I could never come up with a creature like The Stalk. I just don’t have the imagination or brain power. Even if someone told me what they wanted I would still have a hard time coming up with it. Awesome job to you Fiona.

Let’s not forget Brian Vaughan. This story is epic and the characters and the obstacles they face are very unique. If you noticed my title for this article it says “not like Twilight and Star Wars.” I’ve heard more than once that this series was supposed to be Twilight meets Star Wars. Who the crap started that? It’s not like either! Sure there is love and intergalactic travel, but that’s where the similarities end. I like that the characters, despite having wings, horns, or a TV for a head, are so realistic. They say stuff real people would say, like almost ruining a kiss by saying, “My breath is atrocious.” I would say that! Or something more like “I have stank mouth.” lol.

I really love this series. It has beat out Rat Queens for the number one slot for my favorite comic series. I really recommend this and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.